CRYOSTAR is one of the pioneers in the design and manufacture of cryogenic equipments. It started its activity in 1967 with liquefied gas distribution pumps manufacturing-a product range that rapidly extended to process pumps and turbo expanders for air separation units.

Progressively, CRYOSTAR entered other markets providing compressors and heat exchangers for the LNG ships market, turbines for hydrocarbon applications, L/CNG fuelling stations, turbo expander-generators for clean energy, and small-scale liquefaction plants.

CRYOSTAR is also at the forefront of cylinder filling technology and its turnkey automated cylinder filling stations have demonstrated their technological superiority for years in demanding environment both for Industrial and Medical Gases.

CRYOSTAR is getting closer to its customers in the Middle-East thanks to its strategic partnership with PETROTECH in Qatar providing as a service centre support and assistance for the maintenance of pumps. On the other hand Cryostar has recently set up a subsidiary in New Delhi to meet the request of its Indian customers. CRYOSTAR has now a stronger presence in Asia through its business centres in China and Singapore and thanks to the CRYOPUMP ASIA complementary reciprocating pumps product range offered in association with Indian Compressors Ltd.

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