Air Products, one of the world’s leading industrial gas suppliers has announced the opening of a new Research & Development Centre for Welding Technologies in Central Europe, situated in Wroclaw, Poland.

This is the company’s third center of its kind in the world. The other Air Products’ R&D welding technology centres are situated at Basingstoke in the UK and in China.

The Air Products’ Research & Development Centre for Welding Technologies in Wroclaw will focus on exploring ways to upgrade and perfect many metal fabrication processes, including hard soldering, flame plating, hand welding and automated MIG, MAG and TIG welding. In particular, the aim is for the centre to become Air Products’ centre of excellence for automated welding. Innovative welding gas mixtures will also be developed there, as well as new applications for existing gases. The centre will also conduct research on behalf of its clients and train Air Products’ employees.

The decision to locate the Research & Development Centre for Welding Technologies in Wroclaw was based on the fact that the Lower Silesia region in Poland is home to numerous international companies that use welding gases and technologies. In addition, the Air Products’ Training Center (“The School of Welding”) is also situated in Wroclaw. The two institutions plan to cooperate closely.

“We are very pleased that this new Research and Development Centre for welding technologies has been established in Wroclaw in Central Europe. Air Products is a leading industrial gas supplier in Poland and it is one of our priority markets in Europe,” said Richard Wiktorowicz, Air Products’ Senior Principal Engineer.

“Complementing our UK-based Centre, the Wroclaw Research & Development Centre will allow us to continue our work in developing innovative technologies to meet the needs of our clients across Europe and we are looking forward to working closely on pan-European research projects in the future.”

The Training Centre (“The School of Welding”), a part of Air Products, has been operating in Wroclaw since 1995. The centre brings benefits to the local community as well as companies in the region, as the centre runs training courses for both the unemployed and employees of commercial enterprises. What is more, “The School of Welding” offers technical advice on solving problems connected with welding, conducts courses on the visual assessment of welding joints under the supervision of the Welding Institute, develops and implements new welding technologies, controls welding processes and tests the abilities and qualifications of welders.

“The School of Welding” also holds certified exams for welders, which allow them to obtain qualifications recognised across the European Union. Experts from the School have so far conducted over 4,000 training courses for such companies as Volvo, Toyota, Weibulls, Bombardier, Boart Longyear, KWB Turow, Inss-Pol, Wibrem and PIEC-BUD. Thanks to cooperation with local job centers, the Air Products’ “School of Welding” has so far trained over 3,000 unemployed workers from the province of Lower Silesia.

The training allowed them to gain new qualifications and start working as welders. Air Products, together with the Research & Development Centre for Welding Technologies, the Training Center (“The School of Welding”) and Roboprojekt, which forms part of Air Products Group and is a distributor of welding material and equipment, ensure that their clients from the welding sector have access to a wide range of welding products and comprehensive welding services. It offers, among others, Linx® gases, the most advanced range of welding gases in efficient 200-bar cylinders, technologies, equipment, training and expert advice.