Geliymash, the industry leader in cryogenic engineering in Russia, at the request of Gazprom and Gazprom mining Orenburgs has developed the first domestic cryogenic transportation helium tanker.

The container, the TTG-40/0,45 volume 40 m3, will become a key element of the logistics supply system of liquid helium in Russia and abroad. Container TTG-40/0,45 was successfully tested at the Orenburg helium plant with filling it with liquid helium from liquefying equipment of CRYOR plant also manufactured by Geliymash.

Preliminary the tank was completely tested in accordance with regulations of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and approved for transportation around the world along with helium containers of foreign manufacturers. The domestic helium container will help the Russian gas processing complex to create its own liquid helium production and delivery infrastructure which will have an impact on the level of expenses and cost of the product.