Premium Engineering is supervising the installation of equipment as part of the construction of an air separation unit in Orenburg. The client is Ortechcenter, which specialises in civil engineering and land improvement.

Premium Engineering experts have prepared the technical documentation and have overseen the delivery of equipment to the site and are currently supervising its installation. The commissioning deadline is by the end of this month 2012. 

The air separation unit is designed to produce 1,000 kg/h of liquid oxygen and liquid and gaseous nitrogen. Also to be installed are; a centrifugal compressor, a closed circuit cooling tower and three 50m3cryogenic tanks.

“The air separation unit will bring new opportunities for our business,” said Anatoly A. Popov, General Director of Ortechcenter.

“This diversification means we can make more effective use of our available resources and look to the future and plan our business expansion over the mid and long term”.