Premium Engineering, part of the Red Mountain Energy (St. Louis, USA), has completed the start-up and commissioning of an air separation plant on behalf of the Russian company, Kryogen.

Kryogen is the leading manufacturer and supplier of gases in Ryazan and the surrounding areas.

The installation has included: a double-flow cooling tower, a centrifugal air compressor and a gas separation plant for production of up to 1000 kg/hour of liquid oxygen or nitrogen. The plant ensures the production of high quality products: oxygen – 99.9 %, nitrogen - 5 ppm О2.

Premium Engineering prepared all working documentation for the equipment, then supervised the installation, start-up and commissioning. The air separation plant had been successfully put into operation and is now producing liquid oxygen and nitrogen. The time it took to implement the project, from the initial signing of the contract to project to start-up and commissioning was just over one year (13.5 months).

The plant increases the production of liquid nitrogen. As soon as an additional nitrogen liquefaction unit is put in place, the plant will double its productivity, while at the same time decreasing its consumption of electric power, thus making considerable financial savings. It is hoped that the two companies will continue to work together on other projects in the future.

“Together with the specialists of Premium Engineering we managed to build an air separation plant to produce liquid nitrogen and oxygen, and in so doing we were able to upgrade our cryogenic production within the shortest period of time,” said Evgeny Kokurin, General Director of Kryogen.

“We believe that the new facilities will allow us not only to make our products more competitive and to become independent from suppliers of cryoproducts, but also considerably to expand our sales and to provide our customers with high-quality products in the volumes which they require.”