OOO IPF Remtehgas completed the extensive work on the drainage piping of gas from the mixed coke-oven and blast-furnace gas from the ‘Arcelor Mitall Krivoy Rog’ to ‘YuGOK’.

This gas being piped is the combination of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and has uses as the substitute of natural gas.

Due to the fact that ‘YuGOK’ has decided to abandon the use of mixed coke-oven and blast-furnace gas in its production, there is the need for the termination of supply and conservation of the pipeline running from ‘Arcelor Mittal Krivoy Rog’ to ‘YuGOK’.

To address the issue of purging the pipeline, the company “Remtehgas ” was invited to complete this job as it has experienced and qualified staff, and the necessary equipment for the project.

The difficulty was the fact that virtually the entire pipeline route passes through a residential development, and the main toxic component of the gas is carbon monoxide. If there was uncontrolled leakage, it could result in death.

The company’s specialists developed a scheme that allowed the safe conduct of the full range of activities required to complete the work and, of course, success would be impossible without a clear and coherent cooperation between ‘Remtehgas’ and the safety departments of ‘YuGOK’ and  ‘Arcelor Mittal Krivoy Rog’.

You can judge how much work had to be done by that the scale of the project - if the length of the pipeline is more than 9km, the diameter of pipe 1.62m, and you still need to take into account that the initial concentration of carbon monoxide was 26% and the lethal dose when inhaling the gas, in which death occurs within 1-2 minutes, is only 0.5-0.9 %.

Nitrogen was used to purge the pipeline with the feed rate carefully controlled to achieve a safe concentration of carbon monoxide in the site of the spillage of gas.

Mobile gasifiers, which ‘Remtehgas’ used for purging, do not require an electric power line and can connect at any convenient location. The project was implemented in just three weeks, with continuous around the clock operation from all its members.

‘Arcelor Mitall Krivoy Rog’ is the largest producer of iron and steel in Ukraine and ‘YuGOK’ is among  the  largest iron ore mills of Ukraine.