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    US hydrogen network plans for Air Liquide


    Air Liquide has announced plans to develop and supply a fully-integrated hydrogen fuelling infrastructure in the northeast United States, in collaboration with Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. (Toyota), to support Toyota’s introduction of a new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), the “Mirai”, and its plans to deliver hydrogen FCEVs ...

  • McPhy Energy

    McPhy names Northern American manager


    McPhy Energy, specialised in hydrogen based solutions for energy storage and industrial applications, has appointed Prabhu K. Rao Chief Executive Officer of McPhy Energy North America. McPhy will benefit from his 17-year experience at growing on-site generation business addressing both industrial and mobility markets.

  • business stats screen finance

    Plug Power has record quarterly revenue


    Plug Power, a leader in providing clean, reliable energy solutions, today reports its 2014 third quarter results. Most notably, with in the space of nine months, the company has grown from net working capital of $11m at the end of 2013 to $117.6m at end of Q3 2014.

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    ReliOn rebranded following 2014 acquisition


    ReliOn, the Spokane Washington based company, was acquired by Plug Power in April 2014. Since then, it has now been decided that the company will have its brand restructured under the larger powerhouse umbrella of Plug Power Inc.

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    Plug Power receives full GenKey order


    Newark Farmers Market has expanded its investment in hydrogen fuel cell technology with Plug Power, and will be integrating a full GenKey solution to support material handling operations for a new food distribution building now under construction at its Newark, New Jersey site.

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    Plug Power secures Praxair partnership


    Plug Power has announced it has signed a long-term hydrogen distribution agreement with Praxair, one of the largest industrial gases companies in the world and North America’s largest liquid hydrogen producer.

  • Shale gas – November 2014

    Shale gas – Industry revolution or public revolt?


    Paul Taylor, Senior Vice-President EMEA, AspenTech discusses the revolution in the energy landscape as a result of the shale gale – and whether it’s a case of industry revolution or public revolt for this particular dynamic in oil and gas.

  • Water Bubbles

    Breakthrough made by HyperSolar


    The company has developed a novel reactor design and system architecture that uses a high voltage solar cell to efficiently separate and produce pure hydrogen from sunlight and water.

  • August 2014 Beautiful Earth North America

    Cosmodyne chosen by Northstar for LNG liquefier


    The project Cosmodyne has been chosen to work on is the New Jersey natural gas Howell LNG facility.

  • Japan

    ENER-G partners with Cornes Biogas


    Combined heat and power (CHP) specialist ENER-G has appointed Cornes Biogas as its Cogen Partner for Japan - gaining a first contract at Shikaoi municipal biogas plant, in Hokkaido.

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    New York Governor tours Plug Power


    During this milestone visit, Governor Cuomo toured the manufacturing facility and then told workers and executives of the dramatic positive impact he expects from the recent 0% manufacturing tax for operations in the State of New York.

  • Hydrogen car

    Hydrogen fuelling deal for Air Products


    Air Products has announced it has signed an agreement to be the hydrogen fuelling station and technology supplier for FirstElement Fuel’s initial network of 19 hydrogen-fuelling stations to be built throughout California in 2015. 

  • boundary-dam

    Boundary Dam project unveiled


    The long awaited moment in the history of carbon capture and storage (CCS) has arrived: today marks the formal start up of the first of its kind commercial-scale coal-fired power plant CCS operation.

  • Hydrogen car

    Auto industry recognises value of hydrogen fuel cells


    The company’s hydrogen solutions and packages are proving popular with the company stating that major brands, like BMW, Volkswagen and Honda, are securing major orders for Plug Power products.

  • Nuvera-Power-Tap

    More hydrogen deals for Nuvera


    The company’s PowerTap™ hydrogen supply equipment has been installed at Ace Hardware, in West Jefferson – Ohio, following a successful installation of PowerTap™ at an Ace facility in Wilmer – Texas.

  • Hydrogen car

    Market opportunity thanks to Fuel Cell Vehicles


    With the public debut of Toyota’s Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) in San Francisco, the industry is one step closer to reaching mass consumers with hydrogen-powered technology – according to the developer of a breakthrough technology.

  • LNG ship

    Air Products’ LNG technology selected


    The company has announced it has secured an agreement where its technology and equipment has been selected for use in the Freeport LNG terminal facility.

  • August 2014 Beautiful Earth North America

    Freeport LNG selects constructor


    Freeport LNG, in Texas, will be the first world-scale electric Liquefied Natural Gas (eLNG) plant in North America, delivering a base volume of 4.4 million metric tonnes per annum of LNG per train.

  • LNG financial chart

    Linde awarded Canada LNG engineering contract


    The Linde Group has been awarded a contract to provide engineering and procurement services for a 2.1 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) natural gas liquefaction plant for Woodfibre LNG Limited, a subsidiary of energy resources development company Pacific Oil Gas (PO G). The Woodfibre LNG Project will be ...

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    Plug Power names new CFO


    Chris Hunter has been named as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the American based hydrogen energy company, Plug Power. The energy industry veteran brings extensive strategic, financial and operational experience to facilitate growth and scale business.