Red Lion Controls’ Sixnet IndustrialPro® 6000 and RAM® 6000 series of industrial cellular routers are now certified by and compatible with AT&T and Verizon’s nationwide 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks.

For York, PA-based Red Lion controls, which has just celebrated its 40th anniversary, the certification is seen as highlighting its commitment to reliable connectivity and flexibility in M2M (machine to machine) technology.

It builds upon the company’s recent announcement regarding LTE compatibility with Bell Mobility. Support for additional carrier LTE networks such as Rogers, Sprint and Telus is planned for later this year.

Delivering faster 4G wireless connectivity, LTE is ideal for organizations of all sizes that require increased data speeds when using cellular technology for primary or back-up WAN connectivity.

With data rates up to 100 times faster than 2G and 3G technology, LTE is well-suited for remote automation, remote offices and video surveillance environments.

Sixnet IndustrialPro 6000 and RAM 6000 cellular routers provide secure, cost-effective wireless connectivity to remote locations and assets while offering technology assurance from 3G to 4G in a single solution. As a reliable primary WAN connection or a back-up to existing network links, these routers are suited for harsh industrial environments such as oil and gas, power and water/wastewater applications.

“LTE networks continue to expand across the US and more companies are turning to this technology for wireless connectivity to support their business,” said Mahesh Patel, director of wireless product management at Red Lion Controls.

“Our compatibility with AT&T, Verizon and Bell Mobility LTE networks shows our commitment to providing customers with fast reliable connectivity, and we look forward to adding additional LTE support in the future.”