Atlas Copco has developed an advanced medical air plant calculation tool which assists the correct selection of a medical air plant according to the different medical gas standards of ISO7396-1, HTM02-01 or HTM2022.

It is a common task for hospital engineers, developers or medical specialist to select the appropriate components for a hospital medical air plant. To help with this often complex task, Atlas Copco has introduced a new medical air plant calculation software tool to assist in selecting the size and quantity of the compressors needed, as well as the medical purifiers and vessels for a specified flow requirement.

The calculation tool uses the configurable platform of the newly launched uAIR Medical Air Plant.

One of the biggest advantages of the software, says Atlas Copco, is that the user can accurately size the plant according to their specific needs ensuring that it will not be over-sized, resulting in potential cost savings. Moreover, it visualizes the complete medical air plant and allows the user to request a quote or to export the results in a PDF, Word or Excel format.

From now on it takes just a few clicks to configure a complete medical air plant, by visiting the website From there, the user needs only to fill in the required flow and pressure details and press the button ‘Calculate’. Immediately he/she will be provided with detailed information on the ‘best match’ for each of the medical gas standards of ISO7396-1, HTM2022 or HTM02-01.