Germany-based cmc Instruments has announced the release of its new product, the K2001 gas analyzer which features a further advance in trace nitrogen analysis.

Applications of the K2001 Plus for nitrogen trace measurement include air separation, argon purification, helium liquefaction, specialty gas laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Independence is cited as one of the major benefits of integrating a zero gas generator in the K2001 Plus, with no additional equipment required for zero gas calibration of the instrument. No additional gas cylinders and gas purifiers are required either and, cmc Instruments explains, accurate measurements of ppm or ppb nitrogen in argon or helium are therefore possible with no negative drift.

The system is maintenance free, there are no additional costs from the exchange of gas cylinders or external scrubbers, while coupling these features with the rugged rack mount configuration ensures the K2001 Plus analyzer is equally at home in the laboratory or in the plant.