A new switchover ideal for critical applications such as cryopreservation and environmental chambers that automatically delivers a continuous supply of liquid nitrogen, with little to no variation in cryogen temperature or state, has been introduced by CONCOA.

The new fully automatic CryoWizÔ utilizes a proprietary algorithm, precise pressure and temperature sensors, and dynamic hot-gas bypass to maintain a specified temperature with maximum consumption efficiency.

It offers both ‘keep-full’ and ‘on-demand’ operation modes that may be customized to the specific cryogenic application. Lessening flash loss that causes reduced oxygen concentration in freezer areas, the CryoWiz eliminates temperature spikes and low liquid level alarms in freezers, which combined with the ability to determine when the primary supply is truly empty, provides for cost efficiency.

The unit may be integrated with an external oxygen monitor and features pipe-away relief valves, while it also has local audible and visual alarm indicators that can be integrated with remote or building alarm systems.

Making the most of costly laboratory space, the CryoWiz is contained in a compact enclosure with a thermally insulated high-flow switching mechanism that can supply up to eight freezers. In addition, the CryoWiz has a 24,000-event log with built-in battery backup and can be ordered with a web server to remotely monitor cryogenic supply and send email notifications of system status.