Market demand has lead to the launch of a reconfigured MAP Mix Provectus for welding applications, by recently rebranded Dansensor.

Since the launch of the original MAP Mix Provectus last year for use in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications, Dansensor has been approached by a number of companies who have said the system would be perfect for mixing gases for a wider range of industrial applications beyond the food sector.

In response to this demand, Dansensor has developed the MAP Mix Provectus Argon to blend argon in addition to other gases, including carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen – providing an ideal solution to producing multiple mixtures of shielding gases for welding in precise proportions and at exact flow rates.

The state-of-the-art MAP Mix Provectus Argon uses the latest mass flow technology, which allows the mixer to be housed in an extremely small cabinet and yet to exhibit great versatility and a range of flow rates, which can be especially important for different welding regimes.

A wide variety of programs allows the operator to set parameters such as gas mix, outlet pressure and flow rate, and an intuitive touch-screen display makes the MAP Mix Provectus Argon highly user-friendly and simple to operate.

In a further move to increase the versatility of the MAP Mix Provectus, it is now possible also to use air as a gas for the mixture. This is important in some applications where oxygen or nitrogen are needed, but not in their pure form.

Dansensor notes that an additional enhancement of the MAP Mix Provectus Argon can be achieved by coupling it to the company’s MAP Check 3 gas analyzer. MAP Check 3 works seamlessly with the MAP Mix Provectus Argon to constantly monitor the composition of the gas mixture and make automatic adjustments if changes are detected.

This feedback control ensures that the correct mixture is delivered at all times for ultimate efficiency, consistency and quality insurance, thereby reducing waste and increasing cost savings.