Virginia-based Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company has announced today that its Farris Engineering business unit is introducing the Farris SmartPRV™, a 2600 Series Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) equipped with a Fisher™ 4320 position monitor.

With this new technology, PRVs can be monitored in real-time, providing immediate feedback during an over-pressure event.

Areas of the plant which had previously been difficult or impossible to track using traditional wired products are now effectively monitored, while the SmartPRV also extends the range of field applications with Emerson’s SmartWireless solutions network.

Prior to SmartPRV, monitoring of pressure relief valves and the amount of product being released has been a daunting task due to the limitations of traditional monitoring technologies, including environmental monitoring of the plant site and simple physical observation of PRVs and flare volume. In both instances, plants have been unable to track product losses.

With SmartPRV, it is possible to identify production and profitability losses, reduce emission fines and associated administrative costs, and improves plant safety and environmental performance.

“We are committed to providing plants with Total Pressure Relief Management solutions and creating safer operating conditions in processing facilities,” said David Linton, president of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company and co-COO of Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

“It is another example of a reliable, responsive and flexible technology that differentiates Curtiss-Wright through the products we offer to address some of the toughest challenges facing our customers in the processing and hydrocarbon industries.”