The future-ready new ST102A Air/Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) features an advanced dual-element averaging system, improving installation repeatability and accuracy for larger diameter pipes and ducts.

Flow measurement applications involving line sizes of 12 inches [305 mm] or greater can realize improved installation accuracy and repeatability by averaging the flow rates of two elements.

Distorted, swirling and non-repeatable flow profiles can result in decreased accuracy of single point meters. It is often impractical or impossible to provide the required straight-run for a fully developed flow profile in large lines. The new Model ST102A Flow Meter overcomes these flow profile concerns with a simple, economical dual-element averaging system.

The transmitter electronics average the input from two independent flow elements into a single output. Each flow element can be independently configured for insertion length and process connection to allow installation flexibility. One flow element can be integral with the flow transmitter, or both can be configured as remote for easier access and visibility to the digital display/optical four button user interface. The flow transmitter also provides independent information for each flow element, saving time when performing service checks.

FCI’s ST102A Flow Meter and the entire ST100 Series Flow Meter set a new industry benchmark in process and plant air/gas flow measurement, the company claims, offering the most feature-rich and function-rich electronics available.

The ST100 Series Flow Meter’s unique graphical, multivariable, backlit LCD display/readout brings new meaning to the term ‘process information’ as it provides the industry’s most comprehensive information with continuous display of all process measurements and alarm status, and the ability to interrogate for service diagnostics.