International Crystal Laboratories’ (ICL) new Gemini Venus Series small footprint long path gas cells provide improved performance by combining high optical throughput with an extraordinary path-to-volume ratio.

The Model VEN-II is suitable for general lab use, and is also a rugged and simple IR accessory; an excellent choice for university and environmental laboratories. The small transfer optics box allows mounting in a standard spectrophotometer slide mount or on a baseplate.

Configurations are available for mini FTIRs like Bruker Alpha and Thermo IS5. The easily replaceable ‘Hanst’ cell optical cylinder ensures longevity, stable alignment and economical servicing, while Swagelok fittings optimize sample gas flow characteristics.

Short path high vacuum gas cells

Source: ICL

Meanwhile ICL has also introduced its new short path high vacuum gas cells, which are uniquely suited for specialty gas analysis. Unlike typical demountable stainless steel cells, Gemini Mercury™ series gas cells are constructed of electro-polished 316ss with welded VCR connections, making them highly resistant to aggressive gases and vacuum tight to 1x10 -8 Torr.

Cells can be configured with base plates, heaters, any IR window material and insulating purge connections extending to the side of the sample compartment. According to ICL, 1cm to 5cm cells can be mounted in a standard spectrophotometer slide mount.