Kin-Tek’s Trace Source™ Permeation Tubes are used to blend gas calibration standards of phosgene gas. Mixtures are adjustable in concentration and can range from sub-ppb (with secondary dilution) to several hundred ppm.

Phosgene standards are considered particularly difficult to obtain, because phosgene is notorious for ‘disappearing’ in storage.  The compound is readily decomposed by water adsorbed on cylinder walls and also attaches to dry cylinders.

Trace Source™ permeation tubes emit a constant flow of phosgene vapor that is used to dynamically blend low concentration mixtures. Emission flow measurements are traceable to NIST through fundamental standards, while mixing the emission flow with a traceable dilution flow creates a traceable mixture.

Kin-Tek Laboratories’ FlexStream™ Gas Standards Generators can provide the controls required to blend traceable gas mixtures using the Trace Source™ tubes.