The Trace Source™ 57 Series of refillable, gas fed permeation tubes from KIN-TEK extend the range of analyte compounds available in permeation tubes to include high-pressure gases such as oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and ethylene (C2H4).

The 57 Series tubes are used in KIN-TEK™ FlexStream™Gas Standards Generators to dynamically blend ppm and ppb mixtures directly from the pure gas.

Typically, permeation tubes contain liquified analyte compound as the permeate source. This limits the range of compounds available in permeation tubes. Series 57 tubes use a controlled pressure of the analyte vapor as the permeate source, thus allowing permeation tubes of very low boiling compounds. The tubes are used in the optional GF module of the FlexStream™ system.

PPB and ppm mixtures can be dynamically blended directly from the pure gases using Trace Source™ permeation tubes. They are particularly useful for preparing trace mixtures containing atmospheric gases, light hydrocarbons, and hydrides, and acid gases. They can also be used to dilute multi-component mixtures.