Warrington, PA-based MEECO Inc. has announced the availability of its MedOxTM instrument, designed specifically for medical oxygen handled by gas suppliers, hospitals and the aviation industry.

Utilizing MEECO’s proven electrolytic technology, the new device provides continuous, highly linear, online moisture analysis.

Since 1999, the electrolytic technology has been the method specified by the European Pharmacopoeia for moisture analysis in medical gases. MEECO, having manufactured phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) cells for electrolytic moisture analysis since 1953, uses its technology and experience to meet the evolving needs of the medical gas manufacturers and users.

The MedOx solves a problem that has arisen, ironically, with the greater purity of medical gas, as MEECO chief executive Lisa Bergson explains, “The gas has become so good - and by that I mean, dry - that it can cause the sensing solution to dry out, or cause sluggishness if the analyzer is left on extended purge mode.”

To overcome this problem, MEECO has developed the MedOx, with built-in moisture compensation to maintain the analyzer’s agility even when stored on very dry gas.

In addition to the MedOx, MEECO serves the medical gas industry with five other product lines: the Accupoint 2; AquaVolt; AquaVolt+; WaterBoy 2; and the mini M-i.