NEL Hydrogen has released a new generation of pressurized alkaline technology to the market with the launch of the electrolyzer NEL P•60.

The new product follows more than a decade of experience in the field of pressurized electrolyzer technology, and with four years of field testing.

The NEL P•60 is a compact turnkey hydrogen plant that can be delivered as a containerized solution or skid-mounted for indoor installation, and provides a technological breakthrough in terms of operational flexibility. Further, it offers ideal solutions for integration with renewable energy sources. It produces hydrogen at high purities with an outlet pressure of 15 bar g and a maximum capacity of 60Nm3 of hydrogen per hour from one single electrolyzer cell stack.

However, the company explains that the main performance feature differentiating this electrolyzer from others is the extreme operational flexibility that allows production down to 10 percent of installed capacity – with automatic stand-by mode, and instant resumption of hydrogen production even after long stand-by periods.

The NEL P•60 is regarded as filling today’s gap in the market of alkaline electrolyzers in terms of operating range and fast response time to changes in power input. The electrolyzer is a perfect match for projects within the field of power-to-gas, hydrogen fueling stations and industrial applications with variable hydrogen demand.