Parker Hannifin Corporation is now offering the new Parker Gen II R-maxTM Stream Switching System, a multi-functional system capable of integrating both stream switching and filtering into one compact, modular assembly.

The Gen II system features enhancements to the Parker R-maxTM Stream Switching System. Backward compatibility allows the features of the Gen II R-max to be easily and quickly installed on existing R-max units.

Parker’s R-max, the predecessor to the Gen II R-max, has been widely accepted since its 2001 introduction because it offers the flexibility of multiple streams in a single footprint; is available in normally closed, normally open, and single three-way configurations; and its modular design allows for easy maintenance.

Parker listened to the input of customers in designing the Gen II R-max, adding numerous features that differentiate the Gen II R-max from similar, commercially available products. These enhancements include a captured vent that prevents cross-contamination; improved position indicator for quick recognition of valve actuation; easier removal of cartridges for maintenance; and an atmospheric reference vent module.

Developed by Parker’s Instrumentation Products Division (IPD), the Gen II R­-max is designed to control both gases and liquids in analytical systems ranging from vacuum to 500 psig (34 bar), while requiring only 65 psig (5 bar) actuating air pressure. The system was engineered with a focus on improved product reliability and reduced cost-of-ownership. It is designed for use in the analytical, oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

The Gen II R-max utilizes state-of-the-art surface mount technology to reduce leak paths, internal volume, and dead volume.  With surface mounting, system components may be easily removed and replaced without breaking process connections.  In addition, the Gen II R-Max system utilizes an internal self-purging outlet header to eliminate the need for an additional outlet loop.