Red Lion Controls is ‘turning up the heat’ with the launch of its new PAX2C PID controller, improving flexibility and ease of use for process and temperature control markets.

The new controller is the latest addition to the PAX2 Series and has expanded Red Lion’s portfolio of industrial automation solutions, designed specifically for the process and temperature control markets.

Applications include food & beverage, plastics, packaging, energy, gas, heat treating and glass processing. The PAX2C is designed to help customers improve productivity and drive efficiency on the production line. The PAX2C’s features include field installable plug-in option cards, simplifying configuration by enabling customers to seamlessly use different cards to build their own controllers, dual-line tri-color display providing at-a-glance visual representation of up to 16 changing alarm conditions with seven programmable color zones, and universal input that accepts current, voltage, resistance, temperature and process signals all in the same unit.

Other features include universal power supply, accepting AC or DC power, plug in ‘out of the box’ installation, and easy programming with firmware and software upgrades available via a standard built-in USB connector and Red Lion’s Crimson software.

Jeff Thornton, director of product management at Red Lion Controls, a Spectris company, said of the new device, “The real game-changer with our PAX2C is the flexible plug-in option cards – customers can build their own controllers by simply changing cards.”

“This reduces inventory and lowers costs because they only need to stock a single controller and a handful of option cards.”

The PAX2C is now available through authorized Red Lion resellers and distributors.