Accurate to ±3 percent of reading/0.5 percent of measurement range, the new DF-150E oxygen analyzer from Servomex utilizes an advanced coulometric sensing technology that delivers exceptionally accurate and stable oxygen (O2) analysis.

The device not only protects batch quality, but also significantly improves plant efficiency for a range of reflow application processes.

The DF-150E is highly suitable to control O2 levels in surface mount soldering operations in reflow PCB ovens, which must be O2-free if the soldered joint is to be permanently sealed.

In reflow ovens, heat is transferred to assemblies by radiation using nitrogen (N2) to establish an O2-free environment that minimizes oxidization of surfaces to be soldered. The DF-150E uses non-depleting coulometric E-sensor technology to ensure accuracy with no sensor drifting and no false low readings, protecting against oxidization. This no fail performance is crucial, as a false O2 reading can waste thousands of dollars in scrapped final product, schedule disruption or cause safety issues when using N2 or mixtures using N2 as a blanketing gas.

An extremely versatile unit, it can be configured to operate either as a single or three-range analyzer to meet specific process needs, while its non-depleting technology enables the O2 sensor to cope with short time exposure to ambient air – with options for temporarily disabling the sensor to enable longer exposure to ambient air.

This feature in particular is a capability not possible with traditional electrochemical sensors, where extended exposure to air quickly damages the cell.

Every DF-150E is custom configured under ISO-9001 controls to meet the customer’s precise specifications and calibrated to standards traceable to NIST and operated for several days to ensure flawless out-of-the-box performance. The analyzer also delivers near-instantaneous response to O2 change – typically taking less than 10 seconds to read 90 percent of a step change.

Factory calibrated, the analyzer reduces the cost of maintenance with a five-year sensor warranty that requires only an annual SPAN calibration and no programmed cell replacement. Further, the DF-150E offers users a range of configuration options that enables it to be built to particular measurement requirements, with choices including CE Certification, a choice of outputs, flow alarm, sample pump and remote sensor options.