Servomex is extending its TCD sensor range with new measurements for both helium and hydrogen in the SERVOPRO MonoExact analyzer and for helium in the SERVOPRO MultiExact multigas analyzer.

The development follows the launch of Servomex’s revolutionary TruRef Thermo-Conductivity Detector (TCD) technology, described by the company as the world’s first true TCD gas measurement.

TruRef technology co-locates the reference and measure elements under isothermal conditions in the sample gas to eliminate the effects of changing sample conditions such as pressure and flow. The new measurements deliver unrivaled TCD performance standards for hydrogen and helium, particularly in terms of measurement accuracy, repeatability and drift.

This therefore makes them ideal for use in product purity and process control applications. Measurements for helium in nitrogen and helium in oxygen are available in measurement ranges from 0-2 percent to 0-100 percent, delivering a comprehensive analyzer solution for he production processes and gas blending.

A measurement for 0-20 percent hydrogen in argon enables a new level of performance for hydro-argon applications in ASU production, while a hydrogen in nitrogen measurement will be available in ranges between 0-1 percent to 0-100 percent, enabling more efficient and accurate performance for a range of applications including hydrogen production, monitoring of hydrogen coolant in turbine generators, and in the production of iron and steel.