After celebrating 60 years of business in 2012, Servomex begins the New Year with the introduction of the new SERVOPRO PureGas gas purifier.

The new device offers the near-total purification of carrier gases for gas chromatography (GC) and other analytical applications.

For a gas chromatograph to perform reliably with high levels of sensitivity, the supplied carrier gas must be of the highest quality. With Ultra High Purity (UHP) gases expensive to bottle and difficult to transfill without contamination, the SERVOPRO PureGas enables users to purify gases on-site at the point of use, minimizing the risk of gas contamination.

Available for argon and helium matrices, the PureGas purifier delivers outlet impurity levels for oxygen, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane and nitrogen. Able to purify from Grade 5.0 – in which the level of impurity will not exceed 10 ppm – the PureGas offers Grade 7.0 (99.99999 percent purity) UHP gas purities suitable for a GC carrier gas.


Source: Servomex

Most purifiers use a single stage heated getter to remove all impurities, but the SERVOPRO PureGas employs a patented getter alloy to attract gas molecules at multiple temperature profiles to efficiently remove H2 impurities from the rare gas by forming irreversible chemical bonds. In this way, it is impossible for the impurities to be released when the PureGas purifier is being operated within specification.

A standard 1/8” Swagelok compression fitting returns contamination levels less than 20 ppb, while optional high purity 1/8” vacuum coupling radiation (VCR) fittings for the feed gas inlet and purified gas outlet return ultra-low levels less than 1 parts per billion (ppb). Both fittings feature a 20 micrometre (0.02mm) filter.

An additional benefit of the PureGas is that it can also be used to generate UHP zero calibration gas for plasma applications.