Sherwood Valve, LLC has introduced new AV Series valves for B & MC cylinders used in welding and brazing applications, specifically designed for acetylene manifold and cylinder applications and featuring a new easy grip handwheel, as well as other design improvements.

The new AV Series valves add to Sherwood’s full line of valves for acetylene use, and are designed to provide a positive shut-off without the use of specialized tools. The valve features smooth, low-torque operation, a robust internal bonnet design for increased leak-tight integrity, and a break-away stem to ensure a gas-tight seal if over-torqued in operation.

The new valve is designed with a Sherwood exclusive easy-grip handwheel which is color coded for specific applications, with gold for cylinders and red for manifold service. The unique handwheel permits easy access to the valve in order to perform in-process leak checks and drain water, reducing contamination. The AV Series design exceeds CGA V-9 and ISO 10297 standards.

“Sherwood’s AV Series valves are the answer to growing market demands for reliable handwheel-operated acetylene valve that provides our customers with the ‘peace of mind’ that their tanks are leak-tight when not in use. This design is another way Sherwood is supporting customers and designing quality solutions,” said Dino Sciullo, vice-president of Marketing.

Specialty Gas Report understands the new series of valves are in production and available through distribution.