Technifab Products has announced the addition of a new series to the Techniguard line of Vacuum- Jacketed Pipe (VJP), the L-Series. The Techniguard L-Series of VJP is a low heat leak vacuum insulated pipe available in standard lengths and sizes for faster delivery than custom designed piping.

The vacuum jacket gives significantly lower heat losses than foam-covered cryogenic pipe and doesn’t degrade over time like foam-covered pipe.

The L-Series, supplied in straight sections, elbows and valves, can be quickly configured to build a cryogenic liquid delivery system, while pipe sections are welded together on-site and a joint insulation kit is applied to the non-bayonet joint sections. There is no need for field joint evacuation after welding or a need for an external vacuum pump to maintain the vacuum.

The L-Series also has a high pressure rating, making it ideal for liquid CO2 and other cryogens.