Described as ideal for flow meters, pumps, valves and other process equipment, the Vortab Company has introduced a new flow conditioner brochure.

Plant, process and instrumentation engineers who want to learn more about flow conditioning devices to improve the performance, accuracy, and repeatability of flow meters and other flow profile critical process equipment will be interested in the new brochure, the company explains, available for download online.

The Vortab Company manufactures flow conditioners that utilize proven principles of operation combining proven swirl removal technology with the patented Vortab flow conditioning process to achieve the most repeatable and efficient flow profile available. The various inline and insertion style Vortab Flow Conditioner products consist of a short section of swirl reduction tabs combined with multiple arrays of profile conditioning tabs. This design produces rapid cross-stream mixing, minimizes swirl and velocity profile distortions and produces a highly repeatable flow profile that is measurable across a broad flow range.

Vortab Flow Conditioners feature a very low-pressure loss design. Non-recoverable pressure loss can reduce maximum flow capability in process lines, creating process inefficiencies and requiring greater energy expenditures to move process liquids and gases. Perforated plates, tube bundles, screens and other flow conditioning technologies produce a much greater pressure loss than the Vortab Flow Conditioners.

Vortab Flow Conditioners are available with carbon steel, 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy C-276 construction and with several process connections – ANSI flanges, male NPT threads, butt welded preps or retaining wafers. Custom configurations are also available.