What can be done if none of the safety devices available on the market are big enough to protect a gas system from accidents? Witt-Gasetechnik claims to have found an ‘impressive solution’ with its new Safety Group 645.

The Safety Group 645 system combines several individual safety devices and switches them in parallel.

Three protection elements are integrated in the systems available from Witt: a gas non-return valve, a flame arrestor, and a temperature-sensitive cut-off valve. Together, they prevent flashbacks and explosive mixtures from forming.

Two, four or five safety devices can be combined in parallel in the fitting and up to 1,800 Nm³/h (63,536 SCFH) flow and 10 bar (145 PSI) maximum operating over-pressure form the upper limits, depending on the gas type. The safety group is connected per flange (DN32-65) or internal thread on both sides (G, NPT, Rc).

“The approach sounds simple,” stated product manager Andreas Heyer. “Yet the utmost expertise was needed to realize this.”

A system is now available with the 645, which can reliably protect large gas supplies, such as within thermal processing plants, for which there have been only few options available until now.