Industrial gas leader Messer Americas has announced AriZona Beverages as its latest customer in the food and beverage industry.

Based on Long Island, New York, AriZona has been producing iced tea since 1992 and is now known as Americas No.1 Ready-To-Drink Tea and Juice Drink brand, with both carbonated and non-carbonated offerings.

Through the recently announced supply agreement Messer will provide AriZona with carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) in order to enhance its vast array of signature iced teas and other beverages. 

Speaking to gasworld exclusively, Messer explains, “AriZona reached out to Messer and that is always a great story when a company reaches out to you to add value to their product.”

“They are a very well recognised brand and make high quality products, so we are very happy to have them as our customer.”

“AriZona uses both CO2 and N2 in its products. The CO2 is used for the carbonated beverage line and the Nis actually used to pressurise the bottles and cans which makes them rigid. The bottle and can rigidity helps during shipping.”

Messer Americas currently has the largest supply of beverage-grade CO2 in North America as well as an integrated N2 plant network.

The agreement announced last week via Messer’s social media outlets was the result of an agreement signed in late 2019.

“AriZona is a growing business and now when they branch into new developments of different products, we will be there right alongside them.”

“We are very happy to have them as a customer and a partner in future growth.”

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