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    Meritus: A national distributor in the making


    Meritus Gas Partners is changing the distributor space as we know it. With uncertainties surrounding succession, economic outlook and rising taxes continuing to cause concern for many businesses across the US, the packaged gas distribution platform is looking to create the first national independent gas distributor – resulting in a ...

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    Seven factors to consider


    Millions of professionals use “light industrial” welders (maximum output of 250-300 amps) every day, as do those who only weld occasionally or for personal use. It’s the highest sales volume category, and a key opportunity for walk-in sales.

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    The new way to weld: An insight into augmented reality welding


    gasworld sits down with Emily Nelson, Marketing Specialist at Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, to discuss the futurist way to weld that is now dominating the education space in the growth market.

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    2022: The year of opportunity for CO2Meter


    Travis Lenander, CEO of CO2Meter, sits down with gasworld to discuss why 2022 has been the year of opportunity, as the Florida-based firm unveils plans for a brand-new 20,000 square foot facility and completes a pivotal acquisition.

  • North America

    Mid-Atlantic report


    One might normally associate the Mid-Atlantic region with finance, commerce and trade given the stereotypical view of the hustle and bustle of New York City, Manhattan, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Its overlap with the Northeastern states includes part of the Northeast Corridor and one of the world’s most important concentrations ...

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    Invaluable valves


    Valves are used all along the industrial gas and cryogenic gas supply chains – from production and transportation, transfill operations into storage containers, and end-use customer piping circuits. Three categories of valves used are: 1) valves that isolate product flow, 2) valves that control the flow of a gas or ...

  • GAWDASMC2022

    Setting the standard for compressed gas safety


    Compressed gas safety and management has been at the heart of SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment for over 70 years in Europe, with support of an esteemed partnership with IBEDA DE. Almost 30 years ago, however, was when things really took off as the now Florida-headquartered firm first stepped foot in ...

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    Calibration gases: Why you need to get it right


    Molly Burgess speaks to Global Calibration Gases and ILMO Products to discuss the intricacy in the niche sector and the vital role these mixtures play in the industrial gases market.

  • IC Biomedical Image 2 2022

    IC Biomedical: Bringing new life to the cryogenic equipment market


    In an exclusive article for gasworld US, Georgia-based IC Biomedical discusses the company’s story so far, its mission to bring new life to the cryogenic equipment market, and a look into what the future may hold.   

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    10 minutes with… Pascal Peschke


    gasworld takes 10 minutes out with me Pascal Peschke, CEO of enotech GmbH.

  • supply and demand

    Feeling the crunch of supply chain challenges


    A strong second quarter for gas and welding distributors was tempered by ongoing supply chain challenges and expectations of a moderation in growth in the third quarter and, potentially, beyond.

  • Coronavirus

    In focus… PSA systems


    Used to generate industrial gases onsite, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants are an alternative to more traditional cryogenic air separation processes. Considered advantageous when it comes to producing smaller volumes of oxygen, PSA has seen increased uptake over the past two years for medical oxygen production as healthcare facilities across ...

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    Medical gases and plant telemetry


    The medical gas market has undergone a major change in the last three years, a fact shared by all operators in the sector. Covid-19 has created unexpected increases in the consumption of medical gases and in particular, medical oxygen.

  • Oxygen-mask

    The new Oxygen 98 monograph and beyond


    Medical oxygen concentrators produce gas in-situ. The concentrator is a certified medical device, and the oxygen purity is continuously measured. Medical oxygen generated by a hospital in this way for its own use requires no marketing authorisation.

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    Life sciences: Limitless opportunities?


    Of all the areas of industry that the industrial gases business touches upon, from bulk gases, refrigeration, carbon dioxide (CO2) safety, and manufacturing, one stands out as an enabler of innovation for the wider medical sector – the life sciences industry.

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    Taking ownership of responsible oxygen use – together


    The provision of oxygen and other life-saving medical gases is largely taken for granted in the developed world.

  • oxygen cylinders

    Breathing space


    Across the globe, lung disease is on the rise and threatens to be a major public health problem. From lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through to emphysema and asthma – a growing number of people suffer from chronic respiratory diseases.

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    10 minutes with… Tim Rynott


    Take 10 minutes out with Tim Rynott, CEO of Four Corners Helium

  • Hexagon Ability CMYK

    Hexagon Agility


    Hexagon Agility®, a business of Hexagon Composites, is a provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions. At the heart of the California-based company’s product portfolio is its Mobile Pipeline® gas transportation modules, which all use Type IV composite cylinders to provide a high volume, lightweight, ...

  • Enterpise Looking SE CMYK

    High-grade, low-cost helium for the US market


    Blue Star Helium tells gasworld US Edition about the development of its Las Animas helium prospects in Colorado.