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    Supply chain and inventory strategies


    Rafael Arvelo, General Manager of EQUIGAS, has been busy attending trade shows and events this year after an enforced break due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a break for Rafael traveling, gasworld US caught up with him to check out the latest trends in equipment and the latest developments at ...

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    Tapping into the latest IT solutions makes life easier


    We all rely on the IT departments of the world for a variety of situations in our day to day business – everything from handling a system crash, installing a new VOIP phone system, to supplying workstations. The other day I received an email from a customer that was intended ...

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    Ratermann Manufacturing, Wise Telemetry forge new distribution partnership


    Wise Telemetry offers the most complete and affordable telemetry solution in the industrial gas market, and it will now be offered through Ratermann’s reliable service under a new partnership.

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    In focus…Circular economies and oxygen-enriched combustion


    Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director, sbh4 consulting, explores how industrial gas technologies enabling carbon capture in heavy industry.

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    In focus…Clean fuels and circular economies


    Our cover feature this September explores the role of LNG in a decarbonised world, and it seems fitting to focus here on the emergence of clean fuels and circular economies on the radar of the industrial gases industry.

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    Maintaining customer relations (and remote working)


    All companies have been faced with the challenge of maintaining robust and consistent customer relations in the midst the pandemic, writes Art Anderson in his latest feature exclusively for gasworld.

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    Moving towards the future… with LNG


    Moving towards the future with LNG: An interview with PRF Gas Solutions.

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    Floating power plants


    LNG and a platform for Africa’s power problems, in focus during an exclusive interview with Zeynep Harezi, Managing Director at Karpowership.

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    10 minutes with…François Piat & Romuald Machac


    Take ten minutes out with François Piat, Foam & Converting Division Director, and Romuald Machac, Business Development Manager, at Hutchinson, to discuss the company’s products for the LNG sector and the challenges ahead.

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    The future of LNG in a decarbonised world


    Amidst net-zero ambitions and the energy transition, the role of LNG as a ‘bridge’ to renewable energy sources is hotly debated. Despite this, LNG demand is likely to grow through this decade. Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting explores the discussion around LNG in a decarbonised world.

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    LNG has taken off stronger than ever


    Andrés Saldivia, Business Development and Managing Partner at Hysytech, talks all things LNG and explains why Bio-LNG is such a compelling clean fuel in the here and now, in an exclusive interview for gasworld. By Rob Cockerill.

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    New sourcing on the horizon, demand growth optimistic


    Our assessment of the worldwide supply of helium is about 5.9 billion cubic feet (Bcf) for 2021. The pandemic took the helium business from tight to surplus supply in late March 2020 when the global economies shut down and closed borders disrupting global helium demand and supply. As economies opened ...

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    Race to find North American sources


    The global helium landscape is changing, but some companies are working to ensure helium supply stays close to home in North America.

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    Is this the way…?


    A family business located in the helium hotbed of Amarillo is hoping to transform its operation in response to a changing market. Tex-Air Gas supplies helium to welding supplies distributors across the US, and has also fueled projects like launching a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken into space and illusionist ...

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    A guide to maximising helium gas allocation


    As the supply of helium continues to fluctuate, there is a lot of buzz about converting to hydrogen. Conversion can be a major capital expense that requires the purchase of expensive hydrogen gas generators and new piping and components, as well as hours and hours of extra work for personnel ...


    10 minutes with… Jeremy Jordan, of IACX Energy


    How does IACX serve the helium market in North America, what involvement does it have?

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    Imperial Helium Corp.


    Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, Imperial Helium Corp. (IHC) is focused on finding helium where it has already been found. IHC is identifying and capturing bypassed opportunities of known helium accumulations in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

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    Membrane gas separation technology


    Think twice if you’ve written off helium as a gas with dwindling interest and sinking demand. Far from it! Helium is still one of the most interesting industrial gas markets in today’s marketplace. New helium exploration projects remain an exciting opportunity and over the past year, even newcomer startups have ...

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    When new meets old: addressing helium shortages


    Helium is like gold,” said Tony Corletto, BAUER Sales Manager for Industrial Air and Gas Products. Corletto was speaking on the widespread scarcity of helium: it is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, yet one of the most difficult to find on Earth. BAUER Compressors, a German-based ...

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    Innovators expand to meet high-tech demand


    A recognised leader in cryocooler design and manufacturing, Cryomech of Syracuse, New York, recently expanded to accommodate its growing business.