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  • Air Separation Plant at one of the methanol plants operated by Petronas in Labuan, Malaysia

    Industrial gases for fuels processing


    Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen tonnage supply schemes in the energy transition, as explained by Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting.

  • Features

    Pressures ease on CO2 sources


    The carbon dioxide (CO2) industry relies mostly on by-product sources, the largest sector from fermentation which relies in turn on the gasoline market. Also, by-product from ammonia and reformer operations are two additional major by-product sectors.

  • CESC

    How to get an education in cryogenics


    Celebrating its 40th year in business this year, CRYOCO LLC is one of the leading providers of cryogenic training in the world, having offered quality education, training, and consulting since 1982. Helping manufacturers and companies in the oil and gas industry keep personnel knowledgeable on cryogenics, CRYOCO assists them in ...

  • Question 02 CO2

    The cool way to clean


    Eight years ago, when Trident Restoration was looking to remove smoke and smog from commercial settings and fire-related projects, it turned to Cold Jet for its dry ice blasting solutions. The Loveland, Ohio-based company’s Aero® 40FP dry ice blasting machine was its machinery of choice and remains so today.

  • Co2

    Energy transitions – putting carbon in its place


    MicroSeismic, Inc. (MSI) was founded in 2003 with a mission to bring passive seismic technology to the oilfield. Our vision was to apply the technology to issues such as wellbore stability, monitoring of carbon capture (CO2) sequestration, development of enhanced geothermal systems, induced seismicity by disposal wells, hydrocarbon production, and ...

  • cannabis plants growing in the field black background_1176513646

    Challenges and opportunities for cannabis industry


    For the last few years, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding medically available options from the cannabis industry. Further, it becomes more obvious and impressive to find the number of locations where legal cannabis products are offered, many of which are controlled under the auspices of recreational ...

  • image001

    Bulk gas technology foundations


    In today’s challenging economic environment, distributors need an arsenal of tools and technologies to automate and streamline their bulk gas business. It’s wishful thinking that a single technology alone can accomplish this. The answer is the confluence of several technologies that complement one another and collectively streamline bulk gas activities ...

  • Fire Supression 2

    Controlled organic and acquisitive growth


    For Control Devices, what started off as a St. Louis-based pneumatic valve company is now a widely recognized designer and manufacturer of highly engineered flow control products, such as valves, regulators, disconnect couples and related engineered products. Today, just under 60 years since that vision came to light, the company ...

  • RGB 96_Large Indoor Marijuana Commercial Growing Operation With Fans, Greenhouse, Equipment For Growing High Quality Herb. Cannabis Field Growing For Legal Recreational Use

    Cannabis: Still the biggest opportunity for CO2 in the US


    The growth of the cannabis market is the biggest expansion in the carbon dioxide (CO2) business in recent years and still the biggest area of opportunity going forward, according to Josh Pringle, Vice-President of Business Development and Operations for CO2 Meter.

  • Lettuce misting

    CO2GRO: Enriching protected growth with a ‘magic’ CO2 mist


    In the US, the food and beverage sector continues to be the greatest user of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to Maura Garvey of Intelligas Consulting. Whether used for creating a fizz in your favorite tipple, creating suitable food packaging environment or utilized for agricultural purposes, demand for the widely used ...

  • rob-cockerill-gwtv3

    10 minutes with… Rob Cockerill


    Rob, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. What have we interrupted in your schedule?

  • Nippon Gases Europe

    Enabling a carbon-neutral world


    An interview with Nippon Sanso Holdings, exclusively for gasworld by Rob Cockerill.

  • Overview Hydrogen infrastructure

    The transfer to a hydrogen society


    Demaco describes the often-unseen role of vacuum-jacketed transfer lines and related equipment in realising the vision of a hydrogen society.

  • shutterstock_540834661

    The environment, refrigerants and safety


    An insight into the increasingly environmentally-conscious world of refrigerants and where it meets the world of detection and analysis, from IGD. 

  • Cryostat for GSI

    Cryoworld BV


    Cryoworld delivers innovative cryogenic solutions, such as liquid helium, liquid hydrogen and high-tech liquid nitrogen systems. The products and systems produced by Cryoworld can be found worldwide at renowned research institutes, universities and industry. In fact, Cryoworld presents itself as the supplier for innovative cryogenic solutions. 

  • Linde_PSA_unit_Leuna_int_br_FIN_IsoCoatedv2ECI_office

    The business of hydrogen


    When considering which segments of the industrial gas industry have taken off over the past 5-10 years, hydrogen invariably dominates the conversation. In this feature for gasworld, Art Anderson explains the past, present and future conversations around hydrogen.

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    Hydrogen combustion risk analysis


    Lift-off for hydrogen but safety is paramount, urges WHA International, Inc.

  • Sven Reiffers, Marketing Manager

    10 minutes with…Sven Reiffers


    Take 10 minutes out with Sven Reiffers, Marketing Manager of Resato International, as he discusses the hydrogen refuelling stations, the network build-out and the required technologies.

  • Marcel_Bartels

    10 minutes with…Marcel Bartels


    Take 10 minutes out with Marcel Bartels, CEO of Schwanner, as he discusses the nascent hydrogen economy and the challenges ahead.

  • 497A4994

    Fuelling the future


    A personal perspective of the burgeoning hydrogen industry, by Lewis Anderson, Alternative Fuel Systems General Manager, Luxfer Gas Cylinders.