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  • Financial market analysis

    Regional markets: Focus on Southeast Asia


    As explained in the analysis of the South Pacific Rim market in gasworld’s August issue, a mixed outlook currently exists in the Asia-Pacific regions as it picks up the tailwind of China’s much-publicised economic slowdown. This month gasworld explores how the emerging markets of the Southeast Asia are faring in ...

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    Regional markets: Global update


    Economic headwinds continue to test the robust nature of the global industrial gases business, whether through unfavourable ccurrency impacts, the decline in oil and natural gas prices, or lower economic activity – there has been pressure on the industry over the last 12 months.

  • Specialty gases in 2015 - Electronics - February 2015

    Specialty gases in 2015 – What to expect in the year ahead


    Specialty gas consumption has grown significantly in recent times and continues to build momentum in many countries, led by the strong and established North American market, where the largest demand is seen, and buoyed by a fast-growing specialty gases business in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Regional markets - graph - February 2015

    Regional markets: Focus on Asia


    March 2014: When the Global Gases Group opened its first gas production facility in Tamil Nadu, it became the first in a long line of developments in India last year. It is perhaps no surprise – Asia is an industrial gas market in strong growth mode.

  • India – Journey to the promised land - January 2015

    India – Journey to the promised land


    Following years of exponential growth forecasts in India’s industrial gases sector, is India’s time to shine on the horizon? Stuart Radnedge investigates.

  • Asia-Pacific - SanjivLamba - January 2015

    Asia-Pacific – The industrial evolution


    Singapore was the perfect backdrop to gasworld’s thirteenth industrial gas conference, and second event in South East Asia. Gas professionals gathered, hungry for information on the drivers for growth and the emerging opportunities the region will offer over the next five years.

  • Anish - January 2015

    10 minutes with...Anish Patel


    Take 10 minutes out with Anish Patel, Director of AIMS Industries Limited and Vice-President of the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA), who talks about the development of the gases business in India and what to expect from the upcoming 37th AIIGMA Seminar on industrial gases.

  • Shale gas – November 2014

    Shale gas – Industry revolution or public revolt?


    Paul Taylor, Senior Vice-President EMEA, AspenTech discusses the revolution in the energy landscape as a result of the shale gale – and whether it’s a case of industry revolution or public revolt for this particular dynamic in oil and gas.

  • Global Gases – November 2014

    Global Gases – Ready for the next level...


    Managing Director and CEO Deepak Mehta discusses the ‘phenomenal growth’ of Global Gases and why the group is focusing its efforts on the Asia-Pacific market, in an interview with gasworld magazine.

  • Home oxygen On the move – October 2014

    Home oxygen – On the move


    Oxygen is one of the most frequently used treatments in healthcare, and a focus on homecare has resulted in considerable innovation in the market in recent years. Reliable, inexpensive and portable home oxygen concentrators are driving the change. Helen Carmichael reports.

  • Asia-Pacific industrial Gas Conference - September 2014

    A playground of opportunities – Asia-Pacific Industrial Gas Conference 2014


    The Asia-Pacific region is attracting increased investment interests across all segments of its energy value chain – and the industrial gas sector in the region has never looked more inviting. With a playground of opportunities available, what better time for gasworld to make a welcome return to the bustling metropolitan ...

  • August 2014 SF3 Bubbles Water

    Solutions to cutting CO emissions in water treatment


    In regions where water is scarce, particularly in the Middle East, carbon emissions associated with the use of water in all types of industries, particularly the electricity and gas industries are of increasing concern. Water treatment specialist Veolia explores developments in desalination.

  • July 2014 R. Kannan 10 Minutes

    10 minutes with...R. Kannan


    Take 10 minutes out with R. Kannan, President of AIIGMA, who tells us about his new role with the association, its own role in the Indian gases industry, and the future for the country’s gases business.

  • sanjiv-lamba-linde-gases

    Exclusive interview with Sanjiv Lamba


    The Executive Board Member of Linde AG gives his views on the South East Asia economy, what the future holds for the region, and what opportunities will drive growth.

  • World financial analysis

    Robust and resilient – Global gases in 2012 and beyond


    gasworld Editor Rob Cockerill and Spiritus Consulting’s Managing Director John Raquet met at the recent Middle East gases conference in Dubai, to discuss what might shape the industrial gases business in 2012 - and beyond.

  • Michael Blondin, VRV

    The past, present and future of the cryogenic equipment industry


    In my last column I spoke about the ‘ups and downs’ of travelling to promote our wares. This month, I’m going to talk about how this experience has given a unique vision on the evolution of our niche of an industry.

  • Financial crisis

    Global gases – 2012 and beyond


    The uninterrupted growth trend of this global industry over some two decades shows the remarkable resilience of demand for gases through previous economic cycles. A new set of demand drivers is also emerging that it is hoped will underpin growth in the short-term future, as Tony Wheatley explains.

  • world global finance

    Upbeat about 2012 – Industry figures cautiously optimistic for the year ahead


    Rob Cockerill looks at a collection of industry views to get a feel for the market in 2012 and what some of the key players think we can look forward to.

  • Financial analysis

    Regional Markets – Focus on: BRICs


    When it comes to global growth projections, now is probably a good time to look at the BRIC’s. At a time when global activity has weakened, credit risks are rising and a fear of the unknown continues to grow, some solace can at least be found in the developing and ...

  • Ceylon Oxygen

    Ceylon Oxygen – An exciting future in Sri Lanka


    In an exclusive interview, Rob Cockerill talks to Niran Pieris , CEO of Ceylon Oxygen Limited, and Sanjiv Lamba , Regional Managing Director of Linde Gas Asia and newly appointed Executive Board Member of Linde AG.