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  • CIS first batch FULL RES-18_Edited CMYK

    Meeting the demand


    New player Cryogenic Industrial Solutions is leveraging a legacy of cryogenic industry experience into new segments.

  • CMSH 500 & 100 #2

    What do they do, how do they work?


    Helium and nitrogen dewar manufacturer Cryofab explains the technology behind its products.

  • Victoria Marquard-Schultz Welding

    10 minutes with… Victoria Marquard-Schultz


    Take 10 minutes out with Victoria Marquard-Schultz, CEO of SuperFlash Compressed Gas Equipment, as she discusses what trends the company is seeing at the moment, the best piece of advice she’s ever received and what’s next for SuperFlash.

  • Doug Iversen_cropped

    Autonomous vehicles, drone deliveries and cost of delivery


    The idea of autonomous vehicles (AV) coming to some measure of practical maturity has been fascinating to observe. Six levels of driving automation have been defined, and are essentially the range of combinations that include: nothing, hands-on, hands-off, eyes-off, mind-off, and steering wheel optional. Some might argue that ‘mind-off’ driving ...

  • Calx2GC

    Consolidated Sciences


    Consolidated Sciences, otherwise known as CONSCI, is a privately held company that began in a garage in 1984. With only a mass spectrometer, a rebuilt gas chromatography/mass spectrometer, and a liquid chromatograph, CONSCI’s Founder and CEO Bill Geiger characterized over 16 refinery streams for carcinogens and carcinogen precursors for the ...

  • Particle accelerator

    Portable particle accelerators


    Fermilab, America’s premier laboratory for particle physics and accelerator research, is in the process of bringing the world together to discover the role neutrinos play in the universe. More than 1,000 scientists from over 30 countries are building the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), hosted by Fermilab.

  • HiRes_Nozzle_CO2

    Freeze the day


    Dohmeyer is rolling out new cryogenic freezing products for cryobio, food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • 2K5K Series Ultra High Purity Bellow Sealed Liquid Hydrogen Tank Valves

    CIRCOR: Focusing on the ultra-cold world of cryogenics


    CIRCOR’s origins date back to the early years of the space age. Incorporated in 1961, the company played a major role supporting the US’ space programs and the successful race to land the first human on the Moon.

  • Butler Gas Products | Matt, BGP Lead Wholesale Driver, with perfect roadside DOT inspections

    Driver shortage: The white line as life line


    As Merle Haggard sings in Moving On, “The white line is the life line to a nation. And men like Will and Sonny make it move.” Today, over 70% of all freight tonnage in the US is transported over our nation’s highways making the ‘white line’ more important than ever. ...

  • Argon HERO at S.J. Smith’s Davenport location

    Making a HERO


    The Argon HERO – new to market in 2020 – is attracting interest in the industry with its claims to save costs by preventing the loss of argon during transfer from bulk tanks to microbulk delivery systems such as Chart’s Orca™.

  • Rich  Mansmann  Vice-President Gas Programs, IWDC

    How did we get here?


    There’s a famous bar in New York City called McSorley’s Old Ale House. It’s been in lower Manhattan for a very long time.

  • Solutionwerks image 1

    Improving efficiency, production and storage


    Solutionwerks offers advice for better operations at cryogenic and adsorption air separation plants, part 1. 

  • AirSep |  An AS-D Packaged System at The Buffalo Zoo

    Providing clean water for animals, fish


    Zoos, aquariums and fish farms are utilizing oxygen systems.

  • liquid oxygen aeration system for a hydroelectric plant in Alabama

    Cleaning up


    Treatment for clean water is one of the macro trends driving business for equipment manufacturing giant Chart Industries in 2020.

  • Arencibia | Arencibia argon recovery system, located at a multi-source site

    Gas recycling, Neighborhood 91


    Arencibia explains its role in an exciting project at Pittsburgh International Airport.

  • nano-purification solutions | GEN2 i4.0 System layout

    Onsite, in demand


    Increasing numbers of high-volume nitrogen users are considering swapping their supply method from cylinders, microbulk or bulk to onsite gas generation as it is claimed to be cheaper than buying from the major gas companies.

  • gasworld | Gas Mixer for 1-25 Welding Stations Adjustable from 0-50% CO2 in Argon, Model 8500

    Mixing it up


    Onsite gas mixing for welding shield gases continues to grow, according to Thermco Instrument Corporation President Dennis Richardson.

  • RGB_Acme_ phase separator.

    Steady growth for the air gases business


    Announcements of domestic air separation unit (ASU) and liquefaction builds and expansions for startup through 2023 indicate that the US air gases business has steadily been improving.

  • john buzz campbell talks global supply and demand

    Challenges of acquiring 70,000 tons of liquid argon…


    Maura Garvey has included some information on US argon capacity and supply in her accompanying article ‘Steady growth for the air gases business’.

  • Canada flags waving at the wind in mountain scenario._1091163974

    The Canada Report


    Canada’s industrial gas market generated revenues of approximately $1.90bn in 2018, with an average annual growth rate of 3.1% for the decade, which compares to the US’ market valuation of around $21.4bn.