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Arcom: Safe and economic handling of gas cylinders

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Arcom specialises in the production of warehousing and transport solutions to the oil and gas industry, producing galvanised steel pallets and cages designated for storage and transport of gas cylinders. Its portfolio offers solutions for LPG, technical and medical gases, as well as steel bundle frames.

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North American Helium


Based in Calgary, Alberta, North American Helium currently controls over 3.1 million acres of helium mineral rights in North America. The helium exploration and production company was founded in 2013 by its CEO, Nicholas Snyder, on the belief that grassroots helium exploration is essential in North America.

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Reliant Holdings


Established in 1989 by the Vanderburg and Rice Families, Reliant Holdings is a privately-owned liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and dry ice company that supplies customers throughout the US and Mexico.

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High Vacuum Maintenance

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Italian company High Vacuum Maintenance (HVM) has more than 25 year’s experience in the construction, maintenance and testing of transportable and stationary cryogenic tanks, for industrial, scientific, medical, cryobiology and automotive applications.

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50+ years of quality vaporisers

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Cryonorm has been providing bespoke vaporiser solutions and services to the industrial air gases industry since its inception in 1962.

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GasLab: Advanced gas sensor technologies


GasLab is a provider of unique and advanced gas sensor technology for a variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.