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An introduction to… Continuous gas monitoring via GC


Permanent gas analysis finds a wide range of applications in the fields of petrochemicals, chemicals, and wider energy industries. Permanent gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen, argon and methane (CH4) are common in pure gas manufacturing, refinery gases, natural gas, fuel cell gases, and many other industrial processes.

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Full composite cylinders


Over nearly 60 years, composite technologies utilising high strength, lightweight carbon fiber have made significant strides in reducing the weight and increasing the strength properties of many different products used in everyday life. Composites are increasingly used in the manufacture of aircraft, wind turbine blades, bicycles, and cylinders for high ...


Helium gas diaphragm valves

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Helium gas providers are continually striving for improved means to deliver their products to an increasingly demanding customer base. To fulfill this perpetually advancing need, helium providers pursue a race for excellence in providing the best possible technological solutions captured in some of the world’s most advanced equipment to serve ...

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An introduction to… Gaseous optical oxygen sensors

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As gasworld readers well know, there are a range of applications where the presence of oxygen is both desirable and crucial (for example in the medical sector or in steel production) but there are also many end uses whereby the presence of oxygen is not quite so desirable – where ...

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An introduction to… The Scorpion


Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. is bringing out a new product this year called the Scorpion, a portable/delivery unit. The Bolivar, Ohio-based company is the exclusive North American stocking partner and sales channel for Taylor-Wharton Malaysia’s microbulk tanks, atmospheric bulk tanks, and vacuum jacketed carbon dioxide tanks. Eleet’s capabilities includes repair, but ...

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An introduction to… Industry 4.0 cylinder bundles

2020-04-01T05:00:00+01:00By published in gasworld magazine

For technical and medical gases, remote monitoring is already and widely applied to fixed cryogenic vessels. On the contrary, remote monitoring of compressed storages has not been so widespread until now, as it requires more complex and expensive solutions which can often supply worse or limited outcomes.