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US CO2 shortage: Strains set to continue throughout the coming months


Tightening in supply or supply shortages of carbon dioxide (CO2) are continuing to hit businesses across the US, with strains set to continue throughout the coming months.

North American Helium well CMYK

Inside Saskatchewan’s helium action plan


Jim Reiter, Minister of Energy and Resources for the Saskatchewan Government, sits down with gasworld to discuss the province’s ambition to become a world-leading helium exporter for a more stable market


Semiconductors to party balloons

2022-08-05T14:10:00+01:00By Andy Evans

Andy Evans, Manager of Business Development and Marketing at FIBA Technologies, highlights the importance of impeccable helium transportation solutions amidst rising demands from global markets.


Right place, right time


Andrew Davidson, President and CEO of Royal Helium, sits down with gasworld to discuss its prime position in Saskatchewan, the Imperial Helium acquisition and its future plans.


Tex-Air Gas: The time for change has come


gasworld sits down with Joe Prowell, President of Tex-Air Gas.

Enterpise Looking SE CMYK

High-grade, low-cost helium for the US market


Blue Star Helium tells gasworld US Edition about the development of its Las Animas helium prospects in Colorado.