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Industry 4.0

2019-07-19T06:00:00+01:00By , published in gasworld magazine

In the heart of Sheffield, UK lies a certain sense of industrial juxtaposition. On the one hand, the city’s manufacturing heritage is on full display with vistas of industrial buildings and reminders of the past at every corner. On the other, it is home to new clean technology (think electrolyser ...


Enabling growth in safe LNG fuelling stations

2019-07-19T06:00:00+01:00By Devis Canella, published in gasworld magazine

Devis Canella, Sales Manager at RegO, highlights the company’s portfolio of LNG fuelling station equipment, designed to make LNG fuelling safer, easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly for station owners and vehicle operators.


LNG bunkering

2019-07-19T06:00:00+01:00By published in gasworld magazine

The year 2020 is fast approaching and with it, comes the IMO’s new global emissions regulatons. Set to take effect on 1st January, this means owners of ships travelling in international waters must drastically reduce the amount of harmful particles they emit. For many, this means looking to LNG, as ...


LNG infrastructure

2019-07-19T06:00:00+01:00By published in gasworld magazine

The vast majority (85%) of professionals working in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector believe that more investment is needed in LNG infrastructure to satisfy forecasts for growing global demand after 2025.


LNG in China

2019-07-19T06:00:00+01:00By Victor Leung, published in gasworld magazine

Records of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) show that in 2018, China imported 53.78 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) – an increase of 41.2% from 2017. Futhermore, this figure represents 59.5% of the total amount of 90.39 million tonnes of natural ...


In focus… LNG ISO tanks

2019-07-19T06:00:00+01:00By , published in gasworld magazine

With so many sizes, ranges and technology types available, there are hundreds of thousands of ISO tanks in circulation around the world today, playing a fundamental role in the industries they ship product in.


Solutions for fabricators

2019-06-26T15:13:00+01:00By Agnes H. Baker

For over 120 years, Lincoln Electric has been a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for welding and fabrication. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company operates 60 manufacturing locations in 19 countries and generated $3bn in revenue in 2018.

Samantha Farr is observing participants as they gas metal arc weld during an intensive training program_©2019 Women Who Weld®

Breaking down barriers


Samantha Farr, of Women Who Weld, hopes to increase female numbers in the welding industry. She talks with US Journalist Molly Burgess.

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CO2 as a laser gas

2019-06-26T15:39:00+01:00By Sam A Rushing

Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers were one of the earliest gas lasers to be developed in 1964 by Bell Labs, and some claim them to be one of the most powerful continuous lasers available today.

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Laser cutters

2019-06-26T15:47:00+01:00By David Galley

Today’s laser-cutting machines at fabrication shops run a pretty penny, costing upwards to $1m. No small investment but well worth the price for precision cutting everything from mild to stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and more.

Inside aceytlene cylinder

Make the switch

2019-06-26T15:56:00+01:00By Linda Smith

Chemweld President Linda Smith presents the case for using alternative fuels instead of acetylene.

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The role of the independent gas distributor

2019-06-26T15:24:00+01:00By Agnes H. Baker

According to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) (robotics.org), robots and automation are dominating new capital equipment purchases. Robots were shipped to North American companies in record numbers last year, with more non-automotive companies installing robots than ever before. RIA statistics show 35,880 units were shipped in 2018, a 7% increase ...

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