Product development and engineering consultancy 42 Technology works for some of the world’s biggest companies across the industrial, energy, transport, life sciences and consumer industries. 

The UK company was established in 1998 by the product design manager at Kango Wolf Power Tools and since its inception 21 years ago, 42 Technology has worked with multinationals including industrial gases corporation Linde, rail transport company Alstom, oil giant BP, American food and beverage manufacturer PepsiCo., and Japanese conglomerate Toshiba, to name a few.

Based in the historic market town of St Ives, set in the Cambridgeshire countryside, the company’s service spans the complete product development cycle from technology and IP strategies, coming up with innovative concepts and proving them in real world scenarios, through to the detailed design and development phase and supporting regulatory approvals and their transfer into manufacture.

“42 Technology was founded from industry – effectively from the client’s side of the table,” explains Dr. Jon Spratley, 42 Technology’s Managing Director. “This means we focus on doing the practical and pragmatic things really well, and ensure any new ideas and concepts are proven early on in the development cycle,” he tells gasworld.

“In other words, to identify and eliminate major risks and potential barriers to success early and to clarify from the start how the client is going to make money from a new technology, product or manufacturing process.”

In the early 2000s, 42 Technology started to become a much broader engineering consultancy, growing its electronics, software, physics and industrial design capabilities. It has grown consistently over many years by winning larger and long-term strategic projects from many of its existing clients, via referrals, and by directly targeting major European and US blue-chip companies, as well as exciting start-ups and SMEs.

“We have an in-house team of around 40 engineers, scientists and designers, which we supplement with world-class individuals, academic and partner companies from the Cambridge area, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world as required,” Dr. Spratley tells gasworld. 

Innovative, pragmatic solutions

Source: 42 Technology

“We have extensive office facilities and client meeting rooms alongside a well kitted-out flexible laboratory space. The laboratory allows us to do very precise scientific testing and to assemble, test and commission almost any size of prototype, product or project that we are developing.”

“We also have the flexibility to add additional space for larger-scale projects, such as large pieces of food manufacturing equipment or train carriages.”

42 Technology’s approach is to channel its in‐house engineering, product design and project management expertise where it can add maximum value to a client’s project and to outsource peripheral activities to a trusted network of specialist suppliers around the Cambridge area and the UK. It’s an approach that allows the company to remain highly cost‐competitive while at the same time taking full operational responsibility for a complete client project that might require additional specialist expertise.

42 Technology’s services and the products and technologies that it develops are literally used throughout the world. The company is often unable to disclose specific details of product or process innovations because of their strategic importance to a client’s business.  However, it has been allowed to announce its work with Linde Gases, where it helped to design, develop and launch the EVOS family of three industrial gas cylinder valves, including the award-winning EVOS Ci high pressure cylinder valve and protective guard, and the EVOS DCi – an IoT digital valve for industrial gas cylinders and a world-first for the sector.

Innovative, pragmatic solutions 2

Source: Linde / 42 Technology

The company sees its core services as providing clients with additional engineering brainpower to develop new technologies, products and manufacturing processes, by solving difficult technical challenges. “42 Technology can typically access a much more expansive view and range of technologies because of the company’s cross‐industry experience, bringing lower risk innovation, faster time to market and lower cost products,” explains Spratley.

“In other words: we can leverage something we might have seen in say medical breathing gases into the industrial domain; or a technology used within food manufacturing to help solve a particular problem in the transport sector.”

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