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    Western Gasco prices up 5%


    Western Gasco, the largest welding gases and supplies store in British Columbia, Canada, has announced a price increase across its industrial gas product range.

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    Praxair in H2 and N2 Gulf Coast supply deal


    Praxair, Inc. has secured a long-term contract to supply multinational chemical corporation the Dow Chemical Company (Dow) with both hydrogen (H 2 ) and nitrogen (N 2 ) in the US Gulf Coast.

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    What’s driving growth in specialty gases in 2017?


    2016 saw huge opportunities for the specialty gases industry. Traditional markets – particularly North America – have remained the top consumers of industrial gases. However, in recent years we have seen newer markets, including Asia and Southeast Asia, grow in importance.

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    Nitrous oxide – Not a laughing matter in electronics manufacture


    Nitrous oxide (N2O), often referred to as laughing gas, is used in the high-tech thin film industries of semiconductor and LCD display manufacturing. Where the electronics manufacturing market is concerned, N2O is clearly no laughing matter.

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    The refrigerants phasedown


    A-Gas Group Commercial Business Development Director Ken Logan provides an update on how the global phasedown of HFCs is influencing the industry in Australia.

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    In focus...Refrigerant gases


    When the freshly-revised fluorinated gas (F-gas) regulation came into force two years ago, it really put the pressure on those in the refrigerant business to switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives – with its impact being widely felt by those in the sector today.

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    The US West Coast report


    Incorporating Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii. By James Barr. 

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    Air Products adds extra LIN capacity


    Industrial gas giant Air Products has announced plans to install a new liquefier at its air separation plant (ASU) in Ohio to meet growing regional demand.

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    MagneGas expands into new US markets


    MagneGas Corporation has expanded into two new markets in the US via direct sales of industrial gases, welding supplies and its MagneGas2® fuel.

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    Airgas implements industrial gas price surge


    Air Liquide company Airgas has implemented price hikes across its entire industrial gas product offering due to rising production costs.

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    Air Products plays part in biomass H2 production facility


    Air Products is part of a consortium that took part in the inaugural ceremony of the Shikaoi Hydrogen (H2) Farm, a H2 production supply facility derived from livestock biomass waste located in Hokkaido, Japan.

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    Praxair contracted to supply hydrogen to fuels refiner


    Praxair, Inc. has signed a long-term contract to supply hydrogen (H 2 ) to Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s refinery in Garyville, Louisiana. The company will use the H 2 to support an ultra-low-sulfer diesel project planned for 2018.

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    SimpleFuel wins the $1m H2 Refuel H-Prize


    A consortium team of technology innovators comprised of PDC Machines, Ivys Energy Solutions and McPhy North America who make up Simplefuel TM , have been awarded by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Office and the Hydrogen Education Foundation as the winner of the $1m H 2 ...

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    Funding for H2 solutions in manufacturing


    The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is issuing Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) to support early-stage, innovative technologies and solutions, including approaches to cost‐effective hydrogen (H 2 ) use in manufacturing.

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    MagneGas expands into commercial CO2 market


    MagneGas® Corporation, a leading clean technology company in the renewable resources and environmental solutions industries, has announced that it has expanded its product offering to include the commercial sale of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in Florida.

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    Basalt could be the latest CCS solution


    Scientists are increasingly interested in flood basalts as potential sites for the permanent underground storage of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ).

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    Hot topic: Liquid cylinders


    It’s a brand new year with brand new savings to be made in the bulk liquid market of cryogenic gases, as a study shows that a quiet yet unsettling depletion trend has been infiltrating the cryogenic distribution chain.

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    Non-conventional helium sourcing


    Helium in the US has historically been produced as a by-product of natural gas or from large reserves of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2). The tight global helium supply situation of 2012/13, together with the declining US helium reserves, caused helium prices to increase substantially.

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    The ‘Trumpian’ era – What this political shift might mean


    Arguably the biggest story of 2016 was the shock election of Republican candidate Donald Trump to US President, over Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. A hard-fought and often bitter race to the White House was won in November, and culminates in the official transition to President on 20th January.

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    A look ahead


    Each January we take a look at the trends that we believe will impact the markets for industrial, medical, and specialty gases and their related technology and equipment providers. Here, Agnes H. Baker looks ahead to what 2017 might have in store.