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    MATHESON fined for air quality violations


    MATHESON Tri-Gas, Inc. has agreed to pay $1m to settle air quality violations from its specialty gases facility in Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County.

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    Air Liquide’s remaining divestments unveiled


    American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. has made an official application to divest its remaining facilities under necessary Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations following its $13.4bn takeover of Airgas.

  • Coal mining industry

    CO2 capture pilot project from Linde and BASF a success


    The Linde Group and BASF have successfully completed a joint pilot project to improve the capture of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from flue gas at a coal fired power plant at the National Carbon Capture Centre (NCCC) in Wilsonville, Alabama.

  • Air products saskatchewan hydrogen facility ribbon cutting

    Air Products cuts ribbon on Saskatchewan site


    Tier One corporation Air Products and its subsidiary Air Products Canada Ltd., has held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially inaugurate its 175,000 Nm 3 /h hydrogen (H 2 ) production facility in Saskatchewan.

  • Enhanced oil recovery – November 2014

    Captured CO2 milestone for Air Products


    Air Products has hit a major milestone after successfully transporting its three millionth metric tonne of captured carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from its hydrogen (H 2 ) production facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

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    Carbon dioxide in 2016


    The annual global carbon dioxide (CO2) market represents over 20 million metric tons of CO2 consumption in the merchant markets. Captive markets, such as the onsite manufacture of urea, methanol, sodium bicarbonate, and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects account for a significant additional tonnage, beyond the merchant market usage. Sam ...

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    CAIRE revamps portable O2 concentrators


    CAIRE Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chart Industries, has revamped and “made major improvements” to three of its portable oxygen (O 2 ) concentrators following constructive comments from consumers.

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    Praxair price hike affects US customers


    Tier One corporation Praxair is the latest major company in the industry to announce a price hike on its bulk industrial gases.

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    nexAir’s Hydrogen Business – Poised for Growth


    A CryoGas International interview with Memphis-based nexAir, as Steve Atkins, Executive Vice President of Gasesm, shares the company’s current view of the hydrogen market, potential opportunities for growth, and nexAir’s strategy for the future.

  • Hydrogen – September 2014

    US Hydrogen Production – 2015


    Ultimately, industrial demand for hydrogen is met via recovery of byproduct hydrogen or on-purpose production of hydrogen. Hydrogen is produced on-purpose by the consuming industry (also known as captive production) and by merchant gas companies. Significant by-product hydrogen is recovered for self-use in the oil refining industry and recovered from ...

  • Upward financial trend

    Hydrogen Growth Trends in 2016


    In this report, we focus on applications and growth trends in the merchant hydrogen business in the US. The increased emphasis on alternative energy schemes, such as fuel cells, appears to be the major driver behind demand in the US merchant hydrogen market, causing the liquid hydrogen capacity utilization rate ...

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    10 Questions with Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expert Glenn Rambach


    CryoGas International interviews world-renowned expert in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, Glenn Rambach, and asks, what are the biggest challenges ahead for the FCEV market?

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    The Challenges of Creating a Hydrogen Refueling Network


    When used in a fuel cell, hydrogen opens the door to a completely different power generation technology and aides the transition to a low-carbon economy with zero emissions at the point of use. But one of the biggest hurdles to a widespread hydrogen refueling network adaptation is overcoming the chicken-and-egg ...

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    Opening Doors – Tri-Generation Fuel Cells


    Industrial gas executives are asking critical questions about hydrogen: Is there an economical way to generate renewable hydrogen closer to the point of use, and reduce distribution costs? And can we then speed adoption of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs), a potentially sizeable new market opportunity?

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    MATHESON acquires divested Air Liquide-Airgas assets


    Air Liquide has today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell certain assets in the US to Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. (MATHESON), a subsidiary of Japanese Tier One player Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC), as part of its recent acquisition of Airgas, Inc.

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    Air Products awarded major medical gases contract


    Air Products has signed a supplier contract agreement with Vizient, Inc., the largest member-owned healthcare company in the US, representing over $100bn in annual healthcare purchasing.

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    nexAir to move to new HQ in 2017


    nexAir, one of the largest distributors of atmospheric gases and welding supplies in the US, has signed a letter of intent to lease office space in Crosstown Concourse , a mixed-use re-development of a former catalogue order plant and retail store in Memphis.

  • Working together merger and acquisition United States

    Airgas makes first acquisitions since Air Liquide takeover


    In a first since becoming a member of Air Liquide’s corporation, Airgas Inc. has made its first acquisitions, procuring two US-based gas and welding distributing companies.

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    Air Products licenses hydrogen fueling protocol to Air Liquide


    Air Products has signed a technology license allowing Air Liquide Advanced Technologies to use the Air Products technology in a patented hydrogen fueling protocol.

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    Safety Information: “On-Call” and Online for GAWDA Members


    GAWDA’s Diane Stirling highlights the benefits for association members in meeting regulatory safety standards in gases and welding distribution.