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  • medical gases

    Gas ‘er up, doc!


    For those of us not working directly in the medical/healthcare industry, we may be surprised at the number and variety of common medical gases and their applications.

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    Cryosurgery that even I can understand


    Many of us have been to the doctor for minimally invasive cryotherapy (also called “cryoablation”) to have abnormal external tissue such as a wart, growth, or lesion “burned” off. In reality the doctor is not burning the wart off.

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    Tackling the rate of change


    The North American industrial gases industry is in the midst of seismic change, from the transformation in ownership and structure, to supply chain challenges and distributor business disruption. Understanding the rate of change, and more importantly making the right strategic moves to respond, will be key to sustainability and future ...

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    LDA looks to the future


    The Linde Distributor Association (LDA) recently held its annual meeting at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, attended by 178 people.

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    Air Products announces North American price increase


    Effective 1 st October (2017), or as contracts permit, Air Products is to increase product pricing and monthly service charges for merchant customers in North America.

  • oil refinery at sunset

    Air Liquide signs H2 supply contract with PEMEX


    Air Liquide has signed a new long-term agreement with Pemex Transformación Industrial, a subsidiary of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), the state-owned oil and gas company, to supply hydrogen (H 2 ) to PEMEX’s refinery located in the central region of Mexico.

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    Managing disruption in the digital era


    Independent welding and gas distributors in the US have been discussing “disruption” in our industry for some time. In fact, under Bill Visintainer’s leadership in 2016, how to deal with disruption was a major focus for the Gases and Welding Distributor Association (GAWDA).

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    More on profit improvement for gas and welding distributors


    After making a presentation on the topic at the Savannah, GA, Gases and Welding Distributors Association’s Spring Management Conference in April 2016, we wrote an article for the August 2016 issue of CryoGas International titled, “Operating Performance Improvements for Gas Welding Distributors”.

  • helium symbol and dollar

    Helium: Qatar blockade and impact on the US distributor


    Saudi Arabia and its allies (UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, and the Maldives) imposed a land and sea blockade on Qatar that began June 5 and was then complicated by the June 23 list of 13 demands to Qatar as the price for lifting the trade and diplomatic embargo of the ...

  • mississipi river new orleans

    The South East report


    Incorporating Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. By James Barr.

  • fill plant employees and drivers in hauns syracuse location

    Haun Welding Supply


    Serving a large geographic area that encompasses Upstate New York, Vermont, and northern Pennsylvania is a well-established, fourth generation, family-owned independent gases and welding distributor, Haun Welding Supply.

  • Adsorptech company profile September, 2017

    Adsorptech – An adsorption boutique


    Adsorptech is a ‘boutique’ company which specialises in the supply of adsorption technologies and products. 

  • medical oxygen cylinders

    Hyperbaric oxygen chambers for wound treatment


    Texas-based Scenic Mountain Medical Centre (SMMC) has added two new hyperbaric oxygen chambers to its wound healing department.

  • Health and safety inspection

    Causes of Airgas liquid nitrogen leak revealed


    An official report into a fatal liquid nitrogen leak at Xytex Cryo International, a sperm bank in Augusta, Georgia, revealed that Airgas had failed to impose proper safety procedures.

  • Hydrogen Air Products facility

    Air Products brings high-pressure H2 filling station to you


    Air Products has expanded the capabilities of its patented Mobile Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor (CHC) system in response to customers’ needs for urgent and cyclical gas supply.

  • teamwork trend

    Southern Power and Wärtsilä sign MoU to develop two large gas power plants in USA


    Southern Company subsidiary Southern Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Finland-based generation technology provider Wärtsilä to develop two flexible gas power plant projects.

  • Generic Liquid nitrogen cryogenics

    Doosan Machine and 5ME leverage cryogenic machining


    US-based technology developers, 5ME ® and Doosan Machine Tools America have partnered to showcase the advantages of cryogenic machining.

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    Haskel at Hydrogen and Fuel Cell show 2017


    Haskel, manufacturer of high-pressure equipment, will exhibit its expertise in hydrogen (H 2 ) solutions at the inaugural year of the North American Fuel Cell Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from 10 th -13 th September 2017.

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    ITM Power to present H2 station designs


    ITM Power will be launching a series of large-scale refuelling station designs at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America, part of the SolarPower International Conference in Las Vegas.

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    Hawaii’s first H2 station under construction


    According to widespread reports, Hawaii has begun constructing its very first public hydrogen (H2) fuelling station.