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  • Chris Ebeling Linde Engineering 2017

    The renaissance – An interview with Linde North America


    In an ever-changing world, the way that intensifying food demands are met is becoming increasingly complex in the challenge to manage food resources. Luckily, industrial gas giant Linde North America is well positioned to help satisfy such an insatiable demand. Here, the company talks exclusively to gasworld about the areas ...

  • carbon dioxide filling close up

    Carbon capture – The CO2 business in 2017


    Based upon my estimates today, the US CO2 market may approach around 9.8 million short tons of utilisation this year, with most sectors essentially following the relative growth (or shortfall) within the corresponding markets of the sectors they serve. Globally, this merchant market total is over 20 million tons annually. ...

  • fiscal cliff concept

    The US merchant CO2 market


    US merchant carbon dioxide (CO2) market, fundamental to the industrial gas business, is served by a complex supply chain. Some companies within the industry are fully integrated in the CO2 supply chain as they produce the crude, purify it to liquid, and distribute to distributors and end-users, while others are ...

  • Texas us

    US South West report


    gas world Business Intelligence looks at the structure and future prospects of the South West industrial gas market. Incorporating Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

  • Spec-gases-Laboratory-science-test-background

    Electronic Fluorocarbons appoints Chief Scientist


    Dr. Robert George Syvret has joined Electronic Fluorocarbons (EF) as Chief Scientist responsible for research and development of high purity specialty gases, fluorocarbons, and rare gases, as well as future advanced materials.

  • sky atmosphere gases sky

    Intelligent Energy’s UAV market has lift off


    Intelligent Energy Inc has signed a deal with PINC to supply its air cooled fuel cell systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), making Intelligent Energy’s first sale of fuel cell systems for UAVs as the company moves forward with the commercialisation of its technology.

  • Germany-map

    Hydrogenics’ power-to-gas portfolio grows


    Hydrogenics has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Wind to Gas Südermarsch GmbH Co. KG in Germany to deliver a 2.4MW PEM power-to-gas system for hydrogen (H 2 ) production.

  • lightbulb ideas concept

    Bacharach adds R514A refrigerant gas to its range


    Bacharach, manufacturer of refrigerant gas leak detection and monitoring instruments, and combustion and emission analysers, has added the more environmentally friendly R514A to its gas library of detectable refrigerants.

  • climbing ladder promotion

    Keen puts emphasis on sales and safety with new employees


    Keen Compressed Gas Co. hires Technical Welding Sales Specialist and Safety Quality Control Director.

  • 400

    MagneGas installs first operating system at customer location


    MagneGas Corporation has successfully installed a plasma-arc gasification system at a Louisiana-based Industrial gas company to supply the Gulf States.

  • hyco plant

    Linde 2016 results: Performance breakdown


    The Linde Group has delivered increases in both group revenue and operating profit in its 2016 financial results released today, hampered only by the lower contribution from its Engineering Division and adverse exchange rate effects.

  • Public hydrogen station air liquide hyundai motor europe

    Air Liquide’s first H2 station hits 1000 refuels


    Air Liquide’s first hydrogen (H 2 ) station installed in California, in the city of Anaheim, has just achieved its 1,000th H 2 fuel cell vehicle fill-up after just 100 days in operation.

  • Dollar sign currency

    Air Products offers H2 at $10 per kilogram


    Air Products has announced that it has achieved a pricing milestone at several California fuelling stations, which are now offering hydrogen (H 2 ) to fuel cell electric vehicle customers at under $10 per kg.

  • gold medal award concept

    ARC wins Linde Electronics award


    Linde Electronics has awarded Advance Research Chemicals, Inc. (ARC) with the Linde Electronics Preferred Supplier Award 2016, in recognition of its continuous support and commitment to Linde Electronics.

  • Basic Industry Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    Alberta receives funding for carbon conversion technology centre


    Alberta has received $10m in provincial and federal government funding to help build a facility which will test breakthrough technologies that convert CO 2 from harmful emissions into applications for everyday use.

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    Vaisala’s new MHT410 online monitoring device


    Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has highlighted how online monitoring can complement more traditional sampling methods.

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    Nel awarded contract with H2 Frontier for H2 station


    Nel Hydrogen Solutions, a division of Nel ASA, has been awarded a contract by H2 Frontier Inc. for a H2Station® hydrogen (H 2 ) fuelling station to be installed in Los Angeles, California.

  • Vessels 1972235 960 720

    Eliminate hydrocarbon with Linde’s new metering system


    Linde has launched new technology that can help North American manufacturers of extruded polystyrene (XPS), polystyrene foam insulation board and polyolefin foaming processes, replace some or all hydrocarbon foaming agents with carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) or nitrogen (N 2 ), and high-pressure gas dosing systems.

  • Air Products hydrogen plant

    Air Products wins H2 supply contract


     Air Products has won an additional, long-term hydrogen (H 2 ) supply contract with one of the largest petroleum refiners in the US, Marathon Petroleum Company LP.

  • Coal mining industry

    DOE funds CO2 utilisation project


    The University of Kentucky (UK) Centre for Applied Energy Research’s (CAER) Biofuels and Environmental Catalysis Group has received a $1.2m US Department of Energy (DOE) grant for their novel work in utilising carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from coal-fired power plants to develop bioplastics.