The country had the seventh largest economy in the world, with services being the main contributor to the country’s economy. France was also a global leader in the automotive, aerospace and railway sectors as well as in cosmetics and luxury goods. In 2019, the level of GDP growth stood at 1.6%. 

GDP Inflation rates in the country has fluctuated widely over the past 18 years, largely following the rises and falls of GDP and IPI. In 2019 the country’s inflation rate stood at 0%.

Within the 2019-2024 timeframe, gasworld business intelligence predict growth from 2.0% p.a. in a low scenario to 2.1% p.a. in a high scenario. Accordingly, the industry in France is expected to achieve revenues of between $2.76bn to $2.77bn by 2024.


Published: 2020
Report Data: 2019

Each report contains a 10-year history and 5-year forecast of the respective gas markets.

  • Industrial gas supply structure
  • Companies operating within each country
  • Market structure in terms of demand for gases
  • Macro-economic influences and drivers
  • Future market forecasts
  • Investment potential

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