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  • ravin mirchandani

    Valves, communication and information flow

    7 December 2016By Ravin Mirchandani, published in gasworld magazine

    There is a wonderful tale from the time of the great space race during the 1960s. It goes like this – when NASA scientists realised that pens could not write in zero gravity, they spent millions of taxpayer dollars to develop a pen that could write in space. The adroit ...

  • richard p schweitzer esq

    The benefits of having “A man in Washington”

    1 December 2016By Diane Stirling

    How can gases and welding distributor and manufacturer businesses feel confident that their interests are being protected and that their industry is being advocated for at the national level?

  • US stock exchange building editorial use only copyright yuriy y. ivanov

    Race to the White House: Another step into the unknown

    7 November 2016By

    When driving home from the office last night, I realised I was muttering along to the chorus of This Is Not America. I found myself thinking about the race to the White House and what the America of tomorrow will look like.

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South East Asia 2016

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CO2 Summit - On the Slopes

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