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A new three-part series of engaging webinars brought to you exclusively by gasworld and powered by gasworld TV.

gasworld’s first series of webinars is now available on demand. The Bandwidth In Your Business Series followed a journey from lockdown to locked and loaded with opportunities – and the toolkit to realise them.

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Part 1 – Lessons Learned from Lockdown

gasworld’s webinar series began with a look at some of the lessons learned from lockdown. From the renewed drive for video conferencing and webinars to the human and societal legacy of life under lockdown, this webinar explores new and rejuvenated business learnings for us all to take note of – and the potential economic minefield ahead as we return to normalcy.

Part 2 – Optimising Operations and Supply Chains

Hosted by gasworld’s Managing Editor, Rob Cockerill, “Optimising Operations and Supply Chains” picked up the lessons learned from lockdown with insight into the operational side of the gases industry during a pandemic. The webinar looked at the following questions and more:

  • How can you optimise your operations?
  • How have you strategised your supply chain?
  • Are you utilising the technologies that could drive your business forward?

Part 3 – Ready to Realise Opportunities

The third and final installment of the webinar series explored the growth markets still to be targeted and realised moving forward, and looked at where your business might need to find that extra bandwidth for the opportunities ahead.