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  • Us editionmagazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 03 (March)


    This month gas world (US Edition) keeps it cold with the very latest in cryogenic applications, from new low temperature solutions to developments in insulation, hoses and valves. The March edition also includes the Rocky Mountains regional market report.

  • gasworld US edition february magazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 02 (February)


    This month gas world (US Edition) goes on another tour of the most important side of the gases business – safety. From safety in gas distribution to safety training for gas handling and welding applications, February’s US Edition has it covered. February also includes the US West Coast regional report. ...

  • gasworld US Edition January 2017

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 55, No. 01 (January)


    With the dawn of New Year, gas world (US Edition) looks at the Markets and Megatrends shaping the gases business in 2017, from new entrants in the industrial gas space to the new systems and technologies that will underpin the industry.

  • gasworld december 2016

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 54, No. 12 (December)


    From the history of gas containment to digital cylinder management technologies, and the packaged gases market report in-between, the December issue of gas world (US Edition) focuses on the US packaged gases business.

  • us edition november magazine

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 54, No. 11 (November)


    In this issue of gas world (US Edition), gas world informs you of the transportation trends and technologies impacting our industry, including alternative fuels, autonomous vehicles, and urbanisation.

  • gasworld usedition october

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 54, No. 10 (October)


    One of the biggest sectors in the North American gases industry is the focus of gas world’s US Edition this October – welding and automation. Covering welding and cutting gases, 3D metal welding, oxyfuel cutting, and automation and robotics, make sure you don’t miss out on this important issue. 

  • US edition September 2016

    gasworld (US Edition), Vol. 54, No. 09 (September)


    September sees the dawn of a new era for CryoGas readers, with the launch of gas world’s US Edition – providing the same in-depth reporting and features that CryoGas was known for, with even more business insight and a contemporary new look. Helium is the theme for this inaugural issue, ...

  • August CryoGas magazine

    CryoGas August 2016, Vol. 54, No. 08


    August sees CryoGas International explore the trends in the US distributor business, against a backdrop of generational change, disruption caused by various headwinds, and the overall opportunity for innovation brought about by both of these dynamics.   

  • CryoGas July Issue latest
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    CryoGas July 2016, Vol. 54, No. 07


    July sees CryoGas International explore the trends in the US hydrogen market, against a backdrop of change in supply and applications, and growing momentum in the development of the hydrogen economy.  

  • cryo gas june 2016
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    CryoGas June 2016, Vol. 54, No. 06


    In addition to being one of the most important applications, healthcare is also one of the most robust growth drivers today. CryoGas International’s June issue explores all things medical, from compliance to the continued momentum in homecare.  

  • cryo gas may 2016
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    CryoGas May 2016, Vol. 54, No. 05


    One of the most popular editions of the year, the CO2 Issue is CryoGas International’s focus this May. Whether it’s an in-depth CO2 market report, focus features on capturing and reusing CO2 or trends in the dry ice market, or even an exploration of CO2 in food and beverages ...

  • cryogas magazine April
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    CryoGas April 2016, Vol. 54, No. 04


    Safety is paramount in the gases industry, upon that we can all agree. This April CryoGas puts the spotlight on safety, exploring everything from transportation safety to personal protective equipment – and compliance in-between.

  • cryo gasmagazine
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    CryoGas March 2016, Vol. 54, No. 03


    From energised solutions in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations, to hydrogen as the key energy enabler and biomass fuel solutions, industrial gases and equipment are imperative to a range of energy and environment applications. CryoGas International’s March issue looks at what’s new in energy and environment for the gases industry.

  • feb 2016cryogasfeb
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    CryoGas February 2016, Vol. 54, No. 02


    From applications in composite manufacturing to trends in fabrication, energy efficiency in manufacturing, and the necessary bulk supply equipment and technologies, CryoGas International’s February 2016 edition explores what’s new in the North American manufacturing business in 2016.

  • January CryoGas mock up
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    CryoGas January 2016, Vol. 54, No. 01


    The trends we will be following in the year ahead are not necessarily hard to spot, but understanding them and how to realise those opportunities is another thing. The January 2016 issue of CryoGas International delivers exactly that – insight into the Markets and Megatrends shaping the future of the ...

  • CryoGas december magazine
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    CryoGas December 2015, Vol. 53, No. 12


    Fewer segments could do as much to capture how far industrial gases – as a business – has come since Carl von Linde started experimenting with air, as the rare gases business. Strange, sometimes exotic, and with new applications being discovered almost every week, the rare gases industry continues to ...

  • cryo gas october magazine
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    CryoGas November 2015, Vol. 53, No. 11


    Things are looking up, it seems, both for the US economy and for the helium business. This November edition of CryoGas International explores the trends and challenges ahead in the helium business, as well as the shape of things to come in the electronics sector – two key markets for ...

  • cryo gas october magazine
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    CryoGas October 2015, Vol. 53, No. 10


    With a focus on LNG and CNG markets, as well as the US argon market, this October Cryogas International looks at how the pattern of ups and downs impact the supply of gases, their related equipment and technology markets, and independent industrial gas and hardgoods distributors. 

  • cryo gas septmagazine
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    CryoGas September 2015, Vol. 53, No. 09


    The big one – 25 Years of CryoGas International! A special anniversary edition, the September edition of CryoGas International celebrates a quarter of a century of reporting on the North American industrial gases business, and tracks the significant changes in the region from 1990 to 2015 – and perhaps even ...

  • CryoGas August magazine
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    CryoGas August 2015, Vol. 53, No. 08


    The Distributor Issue – The August 2015 issue of CryoGas International explores the latest trends making waves in the ever-changing US distributor business, and how this affects the buying and selling of industrial gases, from the move to microbulk to state-of-the-art in cylinder filling. Also featuring the annual US industrial ...