Gerhart Gas Technologies and Nishi Corporation are offering a new series of Helium Purifiers, designed in accordance with AMSE and PED and boasting both quick start-up and easy operation.

The standard purifier is designed to remove air impurities from 6000 PPM to less than 1 PPM at a flow rate of 8000 SCFH at 3000 PSIG.

The purifiers can be ran in batch or continuous mode and have a unique, simple design that allows for quick startup (cool-down) and easy operation.

The purifier is offered in accordance with AMSE or PED requirements, has a stainless steel shell and is vacuum and super-insulated. A heater is included for regeneration purposes, while removal of air impurities is accomplished cryogenically with silica gel (for safety considerations).

Proprietary heat exchangers provide efficient and low liquid nitrogen consumption, stable operation and quick startups. Accessories are offered for the removal of hydrogen, moisture and oil.