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  • Supermarket shelves meat freezer

    CO2: Crisis averted…for now?


    A week can be a long time in the CO2 business, and yet it feels as though the ups and downs of the last seven days have flown by.

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    Zambia: New era in medical oxygen begins


    The first signs of the summer’s groundbreaking new medical oxygen agreements in progress have been demonstrated in Zambia, where the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) has been working with Afrox to maximise access to oxygen for all.

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    Maintaining customer relations (and remote working)


    All companies have been faced with the challenge of maintaining robust and consistent customer relations in the midst the pandemic, writes Art Anderson in his latest feature exclusively for gasworld.

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    LNG has taken off stronger than ever


    Andrés Saldivia, Business Development and Managing Partner at Hysytech, talks all things LNG and explains why Bio-LNG is such a compelling clean fuel in the here and now, in an exclusive interview for gasworld. By Rob Cockerill.

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    Floating power plants


    LNG and a platform for Africa’s power problems, in focus during an exclusive interview with Zeynep Harezi, Managing Director at Karpowership.

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    Son My LNG terminal to be built in Vietnam


    Petrovietnam Gas JSC (PV Gas) and The AES Corporation (AES) have joined forces to collaborate on a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal to be located in Binh Thuan Province, South-Central Vietnam.

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    US invests in oxygen as part of $345m global fight against Covid-19


    As Covid-19 ‘hotspots’ continue to surge, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced that it will invest $345m in various schemes to ensure that affected areas receive potentially life-saving support including $50m to expand access to essential oxygen supplies.

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    New Fortress to build LNG terminal off Colombo


    To support Sri Lanka’s transition to ‘cleaner fuels’ New Fortress Energy is to build a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal off the coast of the country’s capital city, Colombo.

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    Air Liquide, Airbus, VINCI Airports join forces on hydrogen airport developments


    Air Liquide, Airbus and VINCI Airports have joined forces to accelerate the development of hydrogen airports in order to accommodate future hydrogen aircrafts – and the trio want to launch its first pilot in 2023.

  • An MoU with Toyota, the Japanese Corp. Discussing Blue Ammonia Production Opportunities in Egypt 1

    Toyota to discuss blue ammonia production with Egypt


    Japan and Egypt will join forces in the race to net zero with an agreement to discuss the production of blue ammonia via carbon dioxide extraction and storage projects.

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    US DOE urged to cut LNG exports as gas costs spike


    In an open letter to the US Department of Energy (DOE), non-profit energy trade association the Industrial Energy Consumers of America (IECA) has called for a reduction in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to prevent a supply crisis this coming winter.

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    CO2 supply concerns continue


    The concern surrounding carbon dioxide (CO2) supply chain shortages continues in the UK and parts of Europe this week, with the industry working hard to mitigate the impact for its customers.

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    Shell fights emissions with ‘one of Europe’s biggest’ biofuels facilities


    The facility is set to become one of the ‘biggest’ in Europe to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel. The process will see Shell’s carbon capture technology capturing emissions released during manufacture, ready to be stored beneath the North Sea through the Porthos project.

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    CO2: Fertiliser plant closures expected


    Against the backdrop of soaring natural gas prices and the squeeze this is putting on both the energy sector and various industries in Europe, further fertiliser plant closures have now been confirmed.

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    CO2 shortages: How did we get here again?


    Fresh carbon dioxide (CO2) shortages could be set to emerge in the UK in the weeks ahead, and the impact will be seen across the key end-user applications.

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    OMV Petrom completes first ever LNG delivery in Romania


    South-Eastern Europe’s largest energy company, OMV Petrom has delivered a liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment to the Damen Shipyard in Mangalia, Romania.

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    HeidelbergCement to speed up CCUS with Project ACCSESS


    German building materials giant HeidelbergCement is to pilot carbon capture, utilisation and storage technology at its Górażdże cement plant in Poland, claiming to become the first company to do in Eastern Europe.

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    Gas TSOs of Northeast Europe to promote green gas development


    An agreement to promote the development of green gases has been signed by the gas transmission system operators (TSOs) of several Northeastern Europe countries.

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    Lundin Energy to accelerate carbon neutral aims


    Swedish energy provider Lundin Energy has hastened its carbon neutrality ambitions by committing to absolute operation emissions being reduced by over 50% by 2023.

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    LIQVIS and VTG test rail-based LNG transport


    German liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier LIQVIS has worked with UK rail wagon hire company VTG Rail (VTG) to carry out trials to transport LNG by rail.