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    Helium plant plans push ahead for Steveville, Canada


    Imperial Helium is pushing ahead with its helium plant plans for Steveville, Canada, which, once constructed, will produce 99.999% pure helium.

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    Over one million acres in Saskatchewan’s helium fairway now owned by Global Helium


    Global Helium is now the sole owner of over one million acres of land in southern Saskatchewan, making the exploration company Canada’s second largest land holder of helium rights.

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    Gazprom: Production on track after fire at Amur plant


    Gazprom said on Friday that production at its giant Amur Gas Processing plant in southeastern Russia has not been impacted by a fire.

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    Global Helium expands helium exploration programme in Saskatchewan


    Global Helium has expanded the size of its Lawson Prospect in Saskatchewan, Canada, from 6,400 acres to 17,000 acres.

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    DME expands into hydrogen and compressed air energy storage


    Desert Mountain Energy is now offering consulting for hydrogen and compressed air energy storage as a result of a newly inked deal with Earl Resources.

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    USGS: 305 billion cubic feet of recoverable helium in the US


    Natural gas reservoirs in the US contain an estimated 306 billion cubic feet of recoverable helium.

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    Global Helium announces trading changes to strengthen market presence


    North American helium exploration company Global Helium Corporation will now trade on US OTC Markets under the new symbol “HECOF”.

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    Air Products to make North American price increases


    Air Products will increase product pricing, monthly service charges, and surcharges for merchant customers in North America, effective 1st October.

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    New sourcing on the horizon, demand growth optimistic


    Our assessment of the worldwide supply of helium is about 5.9 billion cubic feet (Bcf) for 2021. The pandemic took the helium business from tight to surplus supply in late March 2020 when the global economies shut down and closed borders disrupting global helium demand and supply. As economies opened ...

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    Race to find North American sources


    The global helium landscape is changing, but some companies are working to ensure helium supply stays close to home in North America.

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    Is this the way…?


    A family business located in the helium hotbed of Amarillo is hoping to transform its operation in response to a changing market. Tex-Air Gas supplies helium to welding supplies distributors across the US, and has also fueled projects like launching a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken into space and illusionist ...

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    A guide to maximising helium gas allocation


    As the supply of helium continues to fluctuate, there is a lot of buzz about converting to hydrogen. Conversion can be a major capital expense that requires the purchase of expensive hydrogen gas generators and new piping and components, as well as hours and hours of extra work for personnel ...


    10 minutes with… Jeremy Jordan, of IACX Energy


    How does IACX serve the helium market in North America, what involvement does it have?

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    Imperial Helium Corp.


    Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, Imperial Helium Corp. (IHC) is focused on finding helium where it has already been found. IHC is identifying and capturing bypassed opportunities of known helium accumulations in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

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    Membrane gas separation technology


    Think twice if you’ve written off helium as a gas with dwindling interest and sinking demand. Far from it! Helium is still one of the most interesting industrial gas markets in today’s marketplace. New helium exploration projects remain an exciting opportunity and over the past year, even newcomer startups have ...

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    When new meets old: addressing helium shortages


    Helium is like gold,” said Tony Corletto, BAUER Sales Manager for Industrial Air and Gas Products. Corletto was speaking on the widespread scarcity of helium: it is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, yet one of the most difficult to find on Earth. BAUER Compressors, a German-based ...

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    Innovators expand to meet high-tech demand


    A recognised leader in cryocooler design and manufacturing, Cryomech of Syracuse, New York, recently expanded to accommodate its growing business.

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    Saskatchewan’s emergence as a new helium hub


    The Canadian province of Saskatchewan wants to have 10% of the global market share for helium by 2030. In figures, such a vision equates to $500m in capital investment, $250m in exports and hundreds of jobs – a huge opportunity for both the province and the ever-changing helium market, especially ...

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    ‘World’s largest’ helium hub comes onstream in Russia


    As demand for helium continues to grow, the market last week saw a breakthrough moment when what is believed to be the world’s largest logistic centre for the servicing of helium containers came onstream in Russia.

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    Helium start-up activity at unprecedented levels


    At a time when helium supply would be ample if the major sources were operating normally and helium markets are anticipating a significant influx of new supply from Gazprom’s Amur Project by the end of the year, a series of unplanned outages has temporarily disrupted supply and caused renewed concern ...